Mighty Slots-Mighty Headache-HELP

posted on July 23, 2013.

I would so appreciate some help as I was totally unaware of how this casino operates!

Go ahead and pull your hair out, but don’t expect a response from Mighty Slots, because they will not acknowledge any payout information.

I have won 1900 and submitted my documents, 7 times, not once, or twice but 7 and I have spoken to 4 or 5 different online chat personnel as many times as have submitted he documents, I have even called the customer support number and I have gotten emails that confirm that are indeed getting my emails (confirmation email), but how strange there is never anything attached! No documents! At least that’s what they are telling me, but my sent box is telling me something totally different:

(trying to send a screen shot of my email account which proves 6 documents are indeed attached)

As you can see, there are documents attached on this acknowledged test email, therefore they are getting my documents not once, but all 7 times. I am being given the runaround, they are trying to scam me, first let me say that I have played Mighty Slots for around 4 years/and pretty much liked it. However, I wasn’t even aware of this sort of treatment when you request a withdrawal. If this is a rogue casino that’s a shame, because there are other casinos that I will play going forward that are fair and valid paying casinos. I expect to be paid what I won from Mighty Slots, but If I don’t it’s really their loss, since they will lose me as a player. At least just be upfront and say listen we received your documents we are giving you the runaround and have no intention of paying you. To have me send docs every day and online chat with those who say we never received them. That’s so horrible. I won fair and when I lose I don’t ask for my money back, so when I win I want the winnings.



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