MFortune Poker, I want my winnings!!

posted on May 20, 2013.

I HAVE HAD £370 stole off me! I have been using m fortune poker for 2 years now, i have been withdrawing fine and depositing, occasional id asked for, no problems sent it in, now all of a sudden, my £370 has been pending for nearly 2 weeks and they want proof of my mobile phone bill when i have told them my phone was cut off over a year ago, i am a serious regular poker player and they have never asked me this before, they have also BLOCKED MY POKER ACCOUNT and WONT GIVE ME A REASON WHY, everyone is just feeding me a load of jibberish in support. As they offer to play online without using your phone, over the last year and more i have been playing online, they are true SCAM ARTISTS CONNERS , I WANT MY WINNINGS!!!!!!!!!!


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