Jackpotgrand.eu won't pay me

posted on March 7, 2013.

I completed roll over of a bonus at jackpotgrand.eu. They congratulated me and told me all I have to do is make a deposit of $21 (which they said is standard) and then I can cash out $250 (the amount won) + the $21 (deposit). I make the deposit. Then they tell me they need my bank details before I can withdraw. Reluctantly after telling them I made the deposit already and will be withdrawing via check so they don't need my bank details. They tell me it's a formality so reluctantly I send them my bank details. I have several live chats saved and emails from this casino congratulating me on my winnings and telling me I would get paid soon. After dragging the process out for 2 months I receive and email from them telling me that they will not pay due to the fact that I played black jack. Now, black jack was a "no roll over" game not an exluded game. Regardless they make me make the deposit and give them my bank details and after congratulating me on my winnings and telling me I will get paid several times over 2 months then they say they will not pay. They leave just the $21 in my account which I don't even think I can withdraw due to minimum withdrawal. They really cheated and scammed here and it's very unfair. I need help.


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