I was not paid my winnings, then I was ignored and then forbidden to logon

posted on July 14, 2011.

I was looking for good blackjack bonuses and I logged on to Royal Kings Casino. I was chatting with the host, Adrian2, who offerred me a good bonus and I redeemed it. After several dyas of playing, I checked with a host to see how I was doing on my playthrough. The figure he gave me for my amount waggered seemed extremely low. Everytime I went and played there, I would ask a host about my playthrough and the same thing would happen. I was finally referred to the supervisor or whatever his title is, Jon. We exchanged emails and it became apparent that the host, Adrian2, gave me terms that were inconsistent with the casino's standard rules. I pointed this out to Jon and even made contact with Adrian2, who confirmed the terms he had given me. Although Jon would not admit that a mistake was made, he asked me what I wanted. I offered a generous compromise and was willing to accept less than half of what I had coming. Jon never responded. Afterwards I made numerous requests for a withdrawal, sent in all the documents several times, but never recieved and responses. Later I could not even log on to the casino. Although I do not have any screen shots, I have almost all the emails that I sent and recieved.

posted on July 15, 2011.

Hello fredhead6,

Feel free to post all email you have exchanged with the casino reps.

Please don't forget to censore any sensitive information such as personal names, usernames, account numbers etc.

posted on July 15, 2011.

As I said, I was playing blackjack ar Royal Kings Casino. I asked one of the hosts how I was doing on my playthrough, and the amount was significantly less than what I thought it was. This happened several times. Finally, a host referred me to Jon at Customer Support. This is what I wrote on 10/16:


My name is Fred Brooks,and my account name at the Royal Kings Casino is xxxxxx. I redeemed a deposit bonus yesterday, and when I've asked the casino hosts about my progress on completing my play through, there was a major problem because they were telling me I'd waggered around $70 when I'd actually waggered over $2000. Anyway, finally one of the hosts, Robert, did something more than ignore me. He then told me to write you this email so that you could personally accomodate me. The only accomadation I really want or need is to get this issue resolved. Otherwise, I have really enjoyed my time at Royal Kings.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Fred Brooks

I then recieved the following message:

From: [email protected]

Hi Fred,

I asked Rob to refer you here because traffic was a bit heavy so I take


Secondly, there does seem to be an issue with the wagering - most likely


to the fact that you play BJ only.

Im sending this to tech and will respond as soon as I have an answer.



Two days later, on 10/18, I wrote back:

Hi J,

I was wondering if you were making any progress on resolving this issue. You mentioned that the problem may have something to do with the fact that I only play blackjack. Would it help if I played another game? If there is anything I can do, please let me know.



I didn't get a response, so on 10/20 I wrote:


I haven't heard from you for a couple of days now, but I checked with Casino Host Clayton less than an hour ago and he said that I was around $1700 on my play through. Based on the information in the casino Game History, I completed my play through ($6000) early yesterday. Can you confirm this? I would like to request a withdrawal. What should I do?



I still didn't recieve a response, so the 10/23 I wrote:

Hello J,

I did not get a response to the email I sent you on the 20th. I chatted with Clayton less than an hour ago. He said I had waggered $1758.96. Based on the information in the Game History, I've actually waggered $10,415.25 as of last night. I would really like to resolve this. Please email me back, or call me at (805) 356-4034 or (805)305-0790.



The next day, 10/24, I recieved the following two mesages:

Hi Fred,

You had a previous bonus of $100 with BJ excluded which was partially

canceled (you can cancel a funds that were already wagered).

This is the reason why you have not met the wager.




To be specific,

The system worked correctly, there were no problems from the side of

the platform in this situation.

After receiving bonus player created bets for the total amount of

$4776.00 up to current moment. The only game type which was played by

RKG715200 was Blackjack. The contribution % in Blackjack games at Royal

Kings Casino is 3%, which means, that only 3% of each bet is counted to

total wagering of the bonus.


$4776.00 * 3% = $143.28, which is equal to the current wagered amount

at player's profile -> bonus wagering status of the bonus


When I was offerred the bonus by the casino host, Adrian2, there was no mention of the 3% contribution. In fact, it was dollar for dollar with an increased playthrough. Jon and I chatted that day and I told him of the offer from Adrian2. Later that day I was able to contact Adrian2,and he reaffirmed what he had offerred. He said he had a transcript of our chat, but that he could not send me a copy; only Jon could do that. So I emailed Jon:

Hello J,

I just chatted with Adrian2. He is the casino host that offerred me the promotion that I have been playing and having all this confusion with. He has a transcript of our chat that includes his offer of the promotion and my accepting it. Would you please email me a copy of it?



I got no response, so on 10/28 I wrote:


There seems to be a lot of confusion about the specifics of the promotion that I accepted. I originally spoke with one of the casino hosts, asking if I could play blackjack with the bonus 200EXTRA. He said that blackjack was excluded from that promotion. I asked if there were any promotions that did include blackjack. He offerred me a 200% bonus, but because it was for blackjack, the playthrough was increased to 60x. I accepted the bonus and made my deposit

On 10/30 Jon and I chatted for quite awhile. I told him all that had happened and suggested that Adrian2 had made a mistake and offerred me a bonus that he should not have offerred. Jon did not agree and as our chat continued, he became less friendly and somewhat hostile. He had to end our chat to attend to other matters, but asked me what I wanted. I told him that I would think about it and let him know. Before I had a chance to respond, I recieved this:

Not relevant because the contribution towards the % is lower than


Meaning if you play slots than 100% would count towards the wager.

Clear now?

which wasn't clear at all.

That evening I sent Jon my response:

Hello Jon,

Last night you asked me what I wanted. I've thought about it and I would be satisfied with:

1. a withdrawal of $400 and

2. Royal Kings Casino making a $50 deposit in my name so I can redeem the EXTRA200 Bonus, which I would play under the general terms as described on the Royal Kings Promtions page.

For what its worth, my casino account balance is currently $1653.95.

If this is acceptable to you, lets do it as soon as possible. If it isn't, let me know what you think we should do.



on 11/23 I wrote Jon:

Hello Jon,

I have not heard from you since we chatted on October 30th, and I haven't recieved a response to my emails of October 31st and November 16th. On November 2nd, the casino host on duty told me that my account had a withdrawable balance. I requested a withdrawal that day. Will you please let me know its status.

Thank you,


I never again heard from Jon. I submitted a request for a withdrawal and never recieved a response from anyone. Several times I asked hosts about it and they would tell me I hadn't sent in all the required documents. I sent documents in several times, but never got a response.

I have copies of the numerous emasils with documents attached that I sent.

Sometime in February I forget the date, I was no longer able to log in at Royal Kings Casino.



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