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Grand Prive non payment 2000 GBP

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Disputed casino Villafortuna Grandprive casino
Reason Declined payment
Posted on May 16, 2014

The case is old , I have been trying Casinomeister and gambling grumbles but Casinomeister mentioned They are blacklisted.

The casino I played at was back then micorgaming Villafortuna casino now it is called

I made a cashout of 2000 GBP after I have wagered the welcome bonus 30 times, the system let me withdraw after bonus meter reached zero. They say I have to wager it 35 times and not 30, They admitted a system error allowed me to withdraw as they say in the Email below, but they wouldnt let me continue to wager but confiscated the winnings leaving me without my winnigs and without my deposit

I wish to continue playing the extra wagering and get paid in full

The last Email I got from them -

Hi Alan

Thank you for your email. My colleague Jackie has given you the 2 options that are available from the casino. We have discussed these options with both the casino Financial Management as well as Senior Management. If either of these 2 options is not acceptable, would you please advise us on what you feel is the best solution for you so that we can resolve the matter for you?

Your timely feedback will be appreciated.


Rick Jameson

The two options were, get your deposit back, option 2 was we put 200 deposit and 200 bonus back to your account play it again

Those 2 options are not acceptible, it was their system error tellimg me the bonus balance reached zero, they admitted that so let me wager more

Here is their email:

Hi Alan,

This is a courtesy mail from Villa Fortuna regarding your recent cashin of £2001.00

We have resolved a technical issue with our Gaming Server which had failed to calculate the correct play through

requirement for the bonus credited to your casino account.

The resultant error allowed you to cashin when in fact you had not yet met the required play through requirement as setup

by the Casino for all Players which forms part of the play through agreement setup for first deposit bonuses as well as any

other bonuses credited by the casino.

GBP account holders need to wager bonus money through 35X before they can cash-in.

In reference to this I would like to advise you of our Terms and Conditions :

10. Notwithstanding any implied or express terms of this Agreement, the Player agrees that, in the event that VILLA FORTUNA

ONLINE CASINO computer hardware or software does not properly implement the rules of a casino game, does not properly

implement the random number generator, or does not make proper account for the play that has occurred, VILLA FORTUNA ONLINE

CASINO shall only be liable for the Player's initial deposit. In layman's terms: The Player shall forfeit any winnings made

as a result of computer or software”

Posted on June 22, 2011

Good Day

We would like to be able to investigate this matter urgently. We will however require further information from the player. If we could please have the players name and email address we will gladly take this further..

Kind Regards

Rick Jameson

Casino Service

Posted on June 22, 2011

Hello Rick,

Thanks for the feedback.

Since you replied on this complaint, you have received player's ID in the same email as the link for reply.

Please contact our support if you have any problems.

Posted on June 23, 2011

Good day

We have been in contact with the player and are looking forward to further correspondence. We are looking forward to having an amicable resolution shortly.

Best Wishes

Rick Jameson

Casino Services

Posted on June 25, 2011

Unfortunately the Casino offer the same offer as before, This means one thing, The casino shows a rogue behaviour not honouring the Slots winnings.

The meter of bonus was designed in the software to show player when they are allowed to cashout, sorry I won please pay.

I offered the casino to give them 25 times the bonus I got in slots wagering although only 5 times was missing originally.

If they thought their system made a mistake, let me play more. They even refuse the 5000 extra wagering in slots I am willing to play in their new software before I cashin.

I hope they change their mind, Until then I suggest to avoid a casino that wouldn't honour the slots winnings.

Posted on June 27, 2011

Good day

The players query has been referred to the casino management and we will be able to respond directly to the player within the next 24 hours.

Kind Regards

Rick Jameson

Posted on June 29, 2011

The casino promised to get back on monday, Today is Wednesday, not a word from them

Posted on July 1, 2011

Good day,

We have responded directly to the player and are awaiting his response.

Kind regards,

Minela Graff

Posted on July 1, 2011

I am glad to inform that Grand Prive offered a honest resolution to solve the issue and I accepted it, Thanks everybody for your help.

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