Dublinbet Casino - Don't pay winning and support don't answer anymore

posted on December 4, 2015.

Do not pay winnings 2208,80 euros. Initially casino has no output options to make withdrawal . The guest must first verify the identity, then allegedly they offer this option. They have not opened to me, though successfully verified me. I made 3 Deposit in the casino before what turned out to be a winner. Support wrote me that I should cancel an active bonus, the bonus although I have not used, and were not even aware that I could activate. Of course I can delete inactive bonus that I never used, not activated, but if I'm gonna lose some or all of the money. I asked support what will be with a winning in case if I delete the inactive bonus, but received no reply. They just stopped to answer me, they have not other ways of communicating , no phone , no chat, only email. Now I can't get winnings, and I am afraid that i will lose all the money by clicking on line refusal from bonus. Please help.

posted on December 7, 2015.

Hi Julia1980,

As explained as answer of your review to activate the payout options in your account, you need to:

- have made a deposit: so we know which payout method you can use. You deposited with Skrill, which means you must payout via the same Skrill account.
- verify your account by sending proof of ID, address and payment method (not needed in case of Skrill)

Once the payout option is available, to request your payout you also need to make sure that:
- you don´t have any available/ active bonus. These bonus cannot be withdrawn unless their wagering requirement is fulfilled.

Nothing new in all the above, this are regular procedures and conditions of Online Casinos.

I am also attaching here documents proving that our Support has been helping you through the process and explaining these procedures within good delays and manners.

Last but not least, the payouts are approved and awaiting to be processed by our financial team. Feel free to confirm when you get your 2.000€ winnings. :)

The Dublinbet Team

posted on December 9, 2015.

I haven't received money on my wallet skrill. I'm still waiting for a withdrawal since 4 December, so my problem is not solved yet.

posted on December 10, 2015.

Hi Julia1980,

I received confirmation by our financial team yesterday that the first payout was processed and that the second was on the way.

Anticipating the worst case scenario, our Terms and Conditions state that payouts are processed within 7 working days. Which will be your case as both payouts will have been handled within 7 working days.

However we try to always process payouts fast, as part of a great customer experience - we know and understand that the trust of our clients is very much based on secured and fast payments. At times, our financial department has a higher work flow hence the payout time is longer - yet always under 7 working days.

It is unfortunate that you experienced our "worst case scenario". Please confirm as soon as you receive both payments. And again (let´s finish on the bright side here!): congratulations on your over 2.000€ winnings!

The Dublinbet Team

posted on December 10, 2015.

I got the winnings today. It took 6 days to wallet skrill, skrill this is the fastest method of depositing and withdrawals almost all casinos and so I was amazed that such a long process. Before my visits to the new casino I always follow askgamblers, where the output is 0-24 hours. May be askgamblers have to change information about your casino or you to change your policy. Basically I agree with the previous commenter HonestJo , it looks as if you delay the withdrawal so that the guest started playing again. But thanks anyway ! I just should be patient and do not stressing .

posted on December 11, 2015.

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.


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