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Dispute/complaint regarding withdrawal - Real Vegas Online Casino

posted on July 8, 2012.

Dear Jack,

I have been a happy consumer of online gambling for a couple of months now. Until today, I never thought I would be writing a complaint.( FYI RVO account name is kris2far.)

I feel so strongly apposed to the decisions, reasoning and unfairness behind why my withdrawal is now declined and I felt compelled to make a formal complaint. I simply have not encountered being declined any winnings before and am strongly disputing the very weak and grayish policy and procedure that is spoken as reason to the (instant) no questions asked decision of not being entitled to receive a cent from 'Real Vegas Online".Monies which it is with conviction I know I won fair and square.

So what happened?

Over the past couple of months I had retained emails from many casinos inviting me to come play 'risk free' 'keep what you win' written throughout the sales pitch. A couple were from Real Vegas casino that had coupon codes for free casino cash to play with. So I played TWO codes today and due to wagering requirements etc didn't come close to a cent. The casino monies used from promotional coupons are worthless unless your extremely lucky. On my THIRD attempt playing the last coupon for over a few hours I began to think my internet data and time I had used was much more valuable than conditional credit and RVO paying any real money. To good to be true, but then again all the invitations didn't think so. BUT that's not my issue.

I eventual, playing by the rules, met ALL requirements, wagers, playthroughs and whatever else, actually won some money, I was very happy. Until online support informed me that I wouldn't receive a cent due to ABUSE of promotional chips through using more than 1 promotional coupon code and that (quote) only 1 coupon allowed per player or you breach RVO'S terms of use. Nothing remotely written anywhere that comes close to that statement RVO staff repeated over and over to me today.

I could not believe what I was hearing, and online staff also told me I should have read the casinos terms and conditions... why? the emails didn't suggest this nor ANYWHERE in the casino are the terms and conditions only on your web page which you don't visit when your sent a direct download link. But the reasons Im not getting paid by RVO are not justified, explained or written ANYWHERE. At best you could force yourself to interprete my situation to vaguely fit the terms of use section. But at a very, very far fetch.

If I conceived for a second that any of what only seems fair and normal play from me would be a waste of all that time and if I was doing anything that could in anyway effect my ability to claim possible winnings... Would I do it? of course not! Especially losing due to using 2 codes that didnt win a penny. But apparently that's why I lose everything. I think its simply because management for no reason just CAN. I spent nearly an hour on international toll calls trying to justify my very valid dispute only to have repeatedly refereed to me the number 8 clause in 'terms of use', number 8 which states and I quote"

Bonuses may be refused at the discretion of the management if abuse of promotions is suspected. All withdrawals will be audited and refused where there is suspected fraud or at the casino management's discretion. Fraudulent bonus claims or withdrawals will result in the player being charged a processing fee (min. 12% of purchase amount). which will be deducted from their casino balance.

So I lose my winnings because some how playing 3 coupons instead of the imaginary '1 only coupon per player' I kept being told, somehow it constitutes 'abuse of promotions" and its (instantaneous) decision not to pay me is so loosely based on discretion.

THIS IS LUDICROUS! I was not warned anywhere not even in your terms of use that I couldn't play a second and a third code because it does not say it. And I most certainly would have only used the one coupon if anymore would of deemed me a promotional abuser and for-fit my winnings. Some persons discretion can be painful and in this case I feel bullied also by the decision maker and their absence to apply any intellect when practicing the use of 'discretion' . Put simply I don't due to any casino policy or rule have to lose my winnings. I did not do anything either to put in jeopardy the money I had won. WHY WOULD I, I wanted to keep it! For the life of me I cannot see how playing and losing a couple of promotional coupon's (2) was abuse. It does not constitute abuse of RVO and its games in anyway. How can you expect me or any one to accept the rational behind my money being forfited? Only on the third attempt I won and legitimately so $US 307.55c.

It to me is SO unfair and unjustifiable to decline my winnings under these/my circumstances and the terms of use my situation barely applies to. I cannot believe after being asked to play, after all the time it took, I won, only to lose because I won with no cost to me which i learnt is secretly very frowned upon in casinos even if you were just casually trying out a new casino like I did at RVO' today. Management in accounting can just say so if they want to warp my situation to fit their deliberate 'discretionary' view of me breaching casino terms. What court of law would rule in favor of the decision not to pay me? No one would one. This is utter rubbish, it is completely unfair, It rubs strongly against my rights as a consumer and fair gaming under gambling and fair practice acts, which Im certain you are well versed in. And the powers that be did not for ANY remotely valid reason need to decline me. Yes your terms of use also state management can do this and that, but did they really need to forfit my win and still have nothing to apply it to. You have the power at any time to close a casino account and so on. It has also cost me most of my Saturday and Im not looking forward to my phone bill when I have to pay the international charges made for voicing what I know is so wrong and how grossly poor I have been treated. No I don't go around doing this. I don't think I have spent so much time on any form of a complaint in my life and this is the only online casino I have ever had a less than great experience with. Please consider my circumstances, its not much money and its not the money, its the principal I'm so strong about. I deserve every cent of the what I won. I would be very surprised if you did not agree.

Please pay me the money I rightfully won at your casino. I'm a very level person and if I didn't believe with every inch of my being I should be paid, I would not have spent all this time seeking a bit of Justice in the money I know is rightly mine.

I hope you read this fair and will have a genuine reply to me. For the record I will never play a coupon code every again!! If you were me would you? I am so angry and completely shocked by this. I know that ANYONE with an ounce of decency, intellect or fairness would not hesitate to support my side of this dispute. I just would not have done all of this if I thought for a second I was wrong, Im a very fair and honest person and I would be the first to admit when I'm wrong. But does any of this mean anything when you can get away with not paying me? I don't think I have every felt so strong about a complaint in my entire life, truthfully I'm god smacked I've had my winnings taken and it completely stinks. If for a second I had abused or mis-used your casino I would have accepted my loss in silence.

I'm still thinking over my approach of the best way in carrying this dispute further. There are several avenues, I'm sure you can guess them. But this is not exactly a department store the complaint is with, a little odd its an online casino. But principals, policies, morals and laws still apply to RVO. You may want to send me the casino owners email address in the Netherlands if you are not appropriate to address the above. Most kind if you can assist.

I thank you for your time in reading this.


Chris Dunne

posted on July 16, 2012.


Our brand is VEGAS CASINO ONLINE, Not Regal Vegas. Please move your compliant.



posted on July 16, 2012.

 Appologies for confusion! Vegas Casino Online was chosen from the list by submitter when made a complaint! We'll continue with Real Vegas Online casino

posted on July 18, 2012.

Real vegas online have declined and withdrawn my casino winnings so no i will not receive my payment, issue not resolved


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