Diamond VIP Casino = No Payouts!! BEWARE!! Don't Play there!

posted on April 20, 2012.

Here we go again! It took over 3 months for me to get my last $2,500 payment from Diamond VIP Casino! I was promised the rest of my $10,000 would be paid out quickly. HA!! I have contacted my VIP Manager, Aaron, many times by email and phone call messages, and have received only one response. He says finance has to approve it.

The buck stops with him, and he's always pretending it's someone else's fault that I won't get paid. At this rate it will take over a year to get all my money from the casino...and that's a positive outlook. I'm now afraid that I will never get paid!

The casino staff is friendly, but all they ever say is they understand my frustration...blah, blah, blah...but only Aaron can pay me. Wow! One man should not have so much power! If I would have known that my payouts depended on one VIP Manager who rarely lives up to his promises, I would not have put a penny in Diamond VIP Casino or any of its sister casinos like Rome Casino, Royal Prive, or Diceland!

Please help! I have been very patient for over 6 months. My patience is gone. I have mounting credit card bills to pay off, and they need to live up to their payout promises!!

posted on April 28, 2012.

Noah, I hope you can get this resolved for me quickly. Thanks for your help. I sent you an email with the details.


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