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Complaint against Superbet Palace Casino

posted on March 29, 2013.

I have played at Superbet Palace about 2 months, depositing almost everyday. Sometimes I take their deposit bonus, sometimes not.

The day in question, I logged on to my acct and before I could deposit, George came across on the Support Chat trying to encourage me to take a "Happy Hour Bonus" for a $50 deposit. He said I would receive a 500% bonus with a 35x playthrough. If I deposited NOW he would also add a FREE 100 Dollar Chip with a 60x playthrough.

I ask him what the bonus would be on a $25 deposit, he told me he could give me a 300% bonus, and another free chip of 76.00 if I deposited before the "Happy Hour" was over. The 300% had a "special playthrough of 35x" because I was a special customer. Then he offered yet another 76.00 if I deposited NOW!

Since I was going to play anyway, I joked with George about yeah this deal sounds too good to be true, and how could the Casino make any money doing these things, unless, they were sure I was NOT going to win? George stated all there hoped I did win. I ask George if I could deposit, play, and if I lost my deposit, then receive my 300%. He said yes. (bonus was $76.

I deposited $26, lost it soon, got the bonus. I played for a long while, and then when I had completed what I thought was the playthrough, 35x 76=2660, I ask if I had completed the playthrough as of yet, and a man named Roger told me NO! I tried to get an explanation as to why, however, Roger would not commit, I ask for George and was told he went to get snacks, I ask Roger why if I had not made the playthrough that my withdraw balance showed $357 that I could withdrawal? He still would not answer and started on another subject. He wanted to give me the additional bonus that I was promised. He added the bonus without asking me, took away another amount, then my reconcile statement was not accurate. I told him to take away the bonus that I would not use it. I wanted to know why I had not made my playthrough? Still no answer.

Well I decided to try a withdrawal, all seemed to be working until I was on the final withdrawal page, to my surprise I could not withdraw all of the 357.00 I had won, I could only withdraw $100????

This only made me angry and I ask to speak with George. George came of the Support Chat and we discussed all of the above, I ask him why I had not made my playthrough, he responded, you have to complete wagering? He never would answer the question. Then I ask him why I could only withdraw $100, he responded because the bonus was a NO DEPOSIT BONUS and that a rule? I disagreed with him about this being a no deposit bonus, for the simple reason I had deposited.

I spent well over an hour trying to get an answer to both questions, playthrough, and the bogus no deposit bonus,,,,, NEVER getting help. The Support Chat kept going back and forth from George to Roger, back and forth, George would start talking about another bonus, with another deposit, free money etc, never would answer my question. I got so angry I could get no help, I just told him he had scammed me, I won honestly with his bonus, and now he does not want to pay!

My complaint is, if I had not yet met my playthrough then why did I have a real money balance available for withdraw? Also, how can the bonus be a NO DEPOSIT BONUS, when I made a deposit, per the instructions from George during the so called "HAPPY HOUR" bonus time?

I can not get these answers....... I played again today and to my surprise I lost all of what I had in my acct. The Robin came on live chat to offer another one of the 300% bonuses. After telling him of my experiences night before, he gave me 25.00 free to play with, saying he would check in to this matter. As of now have not heard.

At this point, I will not deposit and play at this casino, and I HIGHLY advise all others NOT TO PLAY HERE!

If I get an answer I will post it from Robin I will post.


ps screen shots to follow via email to support


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