Casino won't pay winnings

posted on January 5, 2011.

This casino never pays winnings! The terms and conditions on their site says once it's approved you'll receive the money with in 10 business days. It's been almost 20 as my withdraw was approved on Dec 13th. It's like they laugh at you when you inquire about it. I've been told all kinds of stories- the most common is they use a 3rd party to pay and they don't have enough money to do that right now. They also said the holiday slowed them down, that i've not given them enough time, that i'm not being patient enough...etc. Here is one of the many conversations with their staff...

Thank you for using our LiveChat Service. This is 'Eric'. How can I help you?

Eric: Hello, Welcome to Vegas Strip Casino! How may I help you?

mattzzg: hello eric, can you tell me how many business days it's been since my withdraw was approved, the one for $1000?

Eric: more than 10

mattzzg: alot more than 10, huh

mattzzg: let me guess, you still haven't scraped up enough money to pay me?

Eric: you know that

Eric: we are still working on it

Eric: yes

mattzzg: ha

mattzzg: should i give it another month or what?

Eric: Not sure

mattzzg: ha

Eric: Luckily you will not need to wait a month

mattzzg: do you guys need help counting or what is the deal?

Eric: what do you mean?

mattzzg: first, i can't say i'm lucky since you lied to me

mattzzg: and second, do you need help counting to a thousand or why the delay and break in terms and conditions?>


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