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Casino Room - Declined my withdrawal with no valid reason

fb_1014043655285864 Netherlands
Posted on August 19, 2015.

Since I saw a very nice add in Facebook about online slots playing at fair casino's. I thought well why not. So being new to this I have made deposit + bonus.
Then after playing several hours below the maximum bet I thought let's up the maximum.
In my account also on the bonus tab there was nothing indicating I didn't reach any requirements. Also I had contact with a chat agent to which I asked when a initial payout of about 2800 euro's was being done. The agend said to send in my passport and utility bill. So I did and still nothing was mentioned about the winnings or wagering. There was nothing I could see about it anywhere.
Then I canceled the cash out and managed to up my winnings to 10.000 euro's. Then I finally decided to quit and take my winnings at 7860 euro's ($8727) .
Now comes the trouble. I got an mail that I was in violation of the bonus terms and they want to settle for 3000. I can't agree on it. I had no chance on seeing if requirements were met. Also the bonus games which came with the 1st deposit didn't allow to change the stakes which made me believe I can't raise it anyway to a level that I not allowed. Why would you allow this in the software when you can easily block it out???

Because of the pending cachout I have made 2 more deposits on this casino and 1 at a other one. These amounts were both lost. The funny thing was in the email they send they are also talking about my second deposit while this amount was completely lost to 0 euro's.

Even when speaking to a agend after my intitial respond to that email. He said I had to wait 48 hours and they will pay my full amount. Later I get an email again that they are not paying me...

I get a headache. They don't send me all the rounds when I ask for it. Only from the first day which shows I have been playing for hours before raising...

Posted on August 14, 2015.

We show this rule on the bonus games page for both mobile and desktop players. We are aware that it's very important to be clear about it.

The rule states "The maximum bet must be equal to or less than 5% of the initial bonus amount received. For example: If you receive a €100 bonus, the max you can bet on a single spin/deal cannot exceed €5. "

You receive a bonus for €500 and you start playing within the 5%, but then you start betting 2.5x and 4x more than you are allowed with the bonus money.

We are handling this via email, in this case we want to come to settlement since you have it in your favor that you had completed a good amount in wagering requirements before increasing the bets.

Posted on August 18, 2015.

Are you satisfied with a casino response, can we close your complaint? Thank you.

fb_1014043655285864 Netherlands
Posted on August 18, 2015.

After they told me to settle for 5.000 otherwise continue the dispute and get only 3.000 I chose for the 5.000 to be cashed out and be done with it to otherwise have the risk losing more and besides that don't want the negative energy.
Some may call it blackmail.... Unfortunately they put it back into my account and I could make a cash out instead of proceeding the cash out I already requested. Because I couldn't make a cash out I stupidly enough played on and lost the amount. When I told them about this they claimed managment would contact me directly. Several days further and I heard nothing! I suggest everyone stays far away from this casino!

Posted on August 18, 2015.

As a matter of fact the €5000 were credited after the complaint, we never meant to be the "bad guys", customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, but rules are there for a reason and in this case you bet above the limit with bonus money. You had €1,500 with wagering requirements left to complete and we gave you 3x cash instead.

We had a friendly communication all over the process and in my last email I replied "Please login to your account now to request a cashout, we will process it in today's batch so that you get the funds within 24 hours"

I was not expecting to hear the news that you had played all the money. I'm terribly sorry but this is something that we cannot be held responsible for. We put no restrictions on cashout requests, but you decided to gamble the €5000 and it didn't work out.

I can guarantee that we made our best effort to bring this matter to conclusion in a friendly and positive way. I'm sorry that it didn't work out.

fb_1014043655285864 Netherlands
Posted on August 19, 2015.

I asked several times for the money to be cashed out!!!! I didn't ask for it to be put back into my account. Furthermore I was not able to cash it out due to errors.
You also ignore the other facts and that the so called management would contact me... I still need to hear from them today.

Posted on August 19, 2015.

We must clarify that this matter has already been settled, we offered a generous settlement and you accepted it. You are disappointed because you played the €5000 that you received, playing high stakes in Starburst and table games, chasing a much bigger win, that unfortunately didn't happen, but you might as well have won huge and this would have been a different story.

I was not expecting to hear the news that you had played the money, I was actually quite shocked, but we never put restrictions on your cashouts. I was monitoring pending requests during the weekend, waiting for your request and then I found out on Monday about this.

We have nothing more to say, in this case we really made our best effort to reach satisfactory conclusion, we had it all sorted out, but you played the money.

Posted on August 19, 2015.

We believe that player was offered and granted a fair deal on behalf Casino Room management which was then accepted by the player. What player did with his balance afterwards could not and shall not be considered as a valid part of this complaint and therefore we consider this issue as Resolved.

This complaint is now officially closed.

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