Mybet Casino - Blocked my account without any explanation

Hobeigiver Germany
posted on May 4, 2015.

problem with
I made a deposit, play casino and poker and some won. Further, my account was suspended, ostensibly to check the financial department and for two weeks there is a check! no data or documents they did not ask for, the account had previously been fully verified. deposit was placed with neteller purse that belongs to me. I not once applied to the online chat but received the same responsibility, "wait for a response from the finance department!" Please help to resolve this issue with Thanks!

posted on May 11, 2015.

Deat @Hobeigiver,
Any update considering this complaint, thank you?

posted on May 13, 2015.

Hi Hobeigiver

your account has ben banned for 2 reasons

1. you was involved in a collusion with Player JuAAp88dfg ( this player is from another operator ) in Double Up Tournaments. Both of you have signed up recently and played all Tournaments togheter. Both Player from the same country ( most possible a dummy country, I will explain this in the 2nd reason ). This closure was also coming from playtech directly.

Redgarding the evidence I can show just your hands, its not possible for us to get the hands from JuAAp88dfg as he registered with another 3rd part operator.

It was very clear that you tried to gain an advantage over other Player and due to this, you was banned.

2. reason

You opened your account with a german adresse and a german ip , Adresse you wrote inside was :
10 Dummy Strasse, Berlin, -, Germany, (123456)

than your login ip's :

First login IP country: Germany
Last login IP country: Germany
First login IP state: hessen
Last login IP state: hamburg

Between the first and the last one, you also tried to login from Belgium. We do not accept Players from Belgium as we do not have a licence, that was the 2nd reason for having your Account closed.

The money will be rolled back to the Players you cheated on during your Poker play.

Hobeigiver Germany
posted on May 13, 2015.

thanks that you have decided to still answer!
1) history of the game, I looked and saw that the player JuAAp88dfg constantly playing and winning player katieann81, but he continues to play and banned me, how do you explain that?
2) the day I have a very bad working modem and I always transient restart it.. I was visiting my friend from Belgium, and he offered to take advantage of its mobile internet which I did. that's why you were registered my attempts to sign in with the Belgian IP.
on your screenshots I do not understand what you are accusing me, 1)i have set! 2) i have two pair
on the last hand, I raised preflop three-bet and made the call with JJ!
and you on the flop, I was not supposed to deliver 55chips into the pot 700 with a hand JJ ???

posted on May 20, 2015.

Any news?

posted on May 20, 2015.

Hi Hobeigiver

'' history of the game, I looked and saw that the player JuAAp88dfg constantly playing and winning player katieann81, but he continues to play and banned me, how do you explain that?''

We don't know if he plays again and if they lift the ban from him.

You need to understand your Account was blocked from Playtech ...

reasons are :

you both played every of the 8 SitnGo tournaments togheter , 7 of them you won

You both had the same serial number / IP and also you both came from the same Place.

Playtech will also roll back the money to the affected Players

I have send Askgamblers the email from Playtech and attached it here as well

Regarding Belgium IP i don't really think its neccesary to dig deeper here as you might have a good explanation ... BUT...

I have also asked askgamblers to advise us what to do with you

regarding your Pokerhands:

as it is a double up Tournament, its not all about putting money when you are ahead it is also about to get stacked from another player who most likely has nothing and is just shoving chips to you to get you in a favourable position.

I play Poker for 8 years and I can see that you get staked from JuAA to have a better stack ... also to bet and call a raise with JJ on a 3 A K board just doesnt makes sense, its very bad play and for me just intended to get your stack topped up

Same goes for the other hands, JuAA pays you always off .. and if u see the 3rd player , it shows us she has 1.5k in chips and you are holding both over 800$ in chips, here again without knowing JuAA hands its just to get your stack at the same size as the 3rd Player

It doesnt makes sense to say, why should i not call with QQ as this play is to intend to get advantage of the other players byt getting your stacks so balanced that you have a bigger chance as the other Players.

In other words, when other Players starting with just 1000$ chips , you are playing with 2000$

posted on May 20, 2015.

Here is the missing email from Playtech

posted on May 21, 2015.

Based on evidence that casino management provide, we can confirm that player breach T&C rule 11.2 of the casino. We consider this complaint Resolved and closed.