crafty !!!

Nanduzz Italy
posted on May 31, 2013.

I'm an Italian player and I am registered on­ngo­-kn­igh­ My check was duly accepted-I started playing with a bonus linked to their promotional email. I won $ 250 and I asked in chat if it was possible to withdraw this is their response:

"Hi! Thank you for your patience. This is Olivia. How can I help you?

Gabrik: Hello Olivia

Gabrik: username: Gabrik

Gabrik: please, can i know if i have wagered my bonus?

Olivia: hi

Olivia: Please hold while I pull up your account details.

Olivia: So sorry for the site rule as players from Italy is not allowed to play on our site

Olivia: Is there anything else That I can help you with?

Gabrik: why you have accepted my registration?

Olivia: So sorry For That rule but as the site for players from United States is not allowed to play on our site

When it comes id have money are all available, but when it comes to giving money, find a thousand excuses ..... even stupid


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