Beware of Real Vegas Online Casino

posted on April 10, 2013.

Thank God I didn't make a deposit there but I used a no deposit bonus for 100 dollars. The max cash out was 200. The playthrough was unbelievable. Had to wager some 10,000 times and I managed to do it. Right then I hit a 100 dollar jackpot that took me to 300 dollars with 100 left to spare to cash out and then I suddenly saw the numbers change from 303 to 203. Was I seeing things? No I wasn't. Well, at least I was over the 200 mark and I could cash out. So I filled out a withdrawal request like they told me with my bank account number, photo id, and utility bill. Then I get an email saying they are declining with no reason. I call them and they say there was a glitch in their computer sysytem. So I resubmit like they say and I ask if I need to make a deposit in order to get it out. They say no. Then I get another email saying it has been declined. I call back and they now say I need to make a 25 dollar deposit in order to cash out. I ask can I get the bonus on top of the 25 dollars. No. Just pay us 25 dollars and this time we need your credit card front and back and a faxback form. So then I read on the internet they are not known for paying out. Lesson learned, before I waste an hour or so wagering 10,000 dollars read the reviews about rogue casinos and don't even bother with the no deposit bonus because it was just like playing for fun anyway.


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