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Betport Casino Refuses to pay €9,500 Winnings


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Posted on May 16, 2014

I have been waiting several months for a withdrawal from Bet Port Casino. They send you lots of emails trying to get you to deposit then they don't pay out the winnings!!!!

They no longer reply to emails when you ask when your winnings will be paid, I recommend all players stay away from Bet Port Casino until they are able to pay winnings.

Posted on March 2, 2013

Dear Sirs,


Thank you for your recent email.


With regards to the player concerned, we have now looked into to the matter more closely.


We have determined that the customer concerned signed up to our website with the intention of using our €500 welcome cash back bonus. Within hours of eachother several other customers from the same region of outer london/England registered to the website and their behaviour was very similar (Deposit and bet pattern).  Allthough these customers are not linked by IP we have still concluded that we are within reason to apply the following rule based on the customers behaviour:


·  Bonuses offered at Betport are intended for genuine recreational players only. Abuse of the bonus offer will not be tolerated. Betport reserves the right to investigate, cancel, suspend or lock any account if bonus abuse is suspected. At our discretion, all bonuses and subsequent gaming activity may be revoked and voided, and deposits returned. Professional players or players we determine to be abusing the bonus offers may face additional restrictions and/or lockouts.



We base the decision that this customer is not a genuine recreational player on the following factors:


-          Several accounts were opened in a short space of time that behaved in a similar way

-          The first deposit was grossly above our average first time deposit

-          The betting pattern is not that of a genuine recrational player


Also, shortly after closing the customer account we returned his initial deposit in full as you can see from the below moneybooker statement and which I am sure that the customer will also confirm:



30 Oct 12 23:01

Send Money







30 Oct 12 23:01

Send Money

to [email protected]





What we can apologize for is our lack of communication with the customer, this is most likely due to misscommunication between the various internal teams. This is an area of great importance to us and we shall work to improve our processes to ensure better player dispute communication.


Kind regards,


Betport – Support Manager


Posted on March 4, 2013

Betport Casino has unfairly and without merit refused to pay me, a legitimate player €9,500 in winnings. I have not played with, or received any bonus from the Casino.

The excuses provided are invalid. Betport sent me emails enticing me to deposit at their new casino, and have then refused to pay my winnings which were won fair and square. Playing Live Blackjack in a Live Casino is not unusual and I cannot see why that can be of any reason not to pay me.

Betport Casino acknowledges in their response that I am not connected to any other player, but the fact I come from the UK is enough not to pay any winnings???

Ask Gamblers, can you please comment on this complaint and add Betport Casino to your blacklist. The casino has failed to pay a legitimate player, and has failed to provide any justification beyond a generic and ambiguous term from their T&Cs.