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100% non response from Riva Poker

Complaint Info
Disputed casino www.rivapoker.com
Reason Other
Posted on May 16, 2014


I wish to complain about Riva Poker for their ABSOLUTE UNACCEPTABLE service, which is 100% NON RESPONSE FROM this site.

I am joining Riva Poker after my friend strong recommendation saying that Riva Poker is offering a 100% free risk offer up to 40 Pounds. During the registration process, the live chat is prompted and the customer service offers me to deposit now and get up to 40 Pounds. If losing the deposit within 7 days, the initial deposit up to 40 Pounds claimed from them by email to [email protected] with subject title "100% refund".

Since the offer is so attractive, I immediately deposit via the Neteller method for the sum of 40 Pounds.

Fortunate enough, I managed to win some money at poker table. After a few hours, I cashout a total of 70 Pounds, making a little winnings of 30 Pounds.

I also receive the auto response from Riva Poker that my cashout been registered and updated within the next 96 hours. I feel quite weird as 96 hours for cashout is really a long time. But I am Ok, since I won some money there.

After a day, I wishes to go back to the poker game and try to login into the software. I got a message that my account is temporaily locked for security reason and requested me to contact their support which I also immediately email to them.

Since there, I got 100% no response from them. I have counted myself that I have emailed them for more than 15 times to all the email which I could find at www.rivapoker.com which is as follows:

a) cashie­[email protected]­iva­pok­er.com

b) suppor­[email protected]­iva­pok­er.com

c) [email protected]

d) feedba­[email protected]­riv­apo­ker.com

e) [email protected]


I sincerely hope that askgamblers.com would be able to find the reason what is going on with this site.

I am ready to sent out my ID and bank statement but since there is no reply at all, I also do nothing.

This is totally unacceptable practice because they have ignored email and now I am really worrying what would happen to my intial deposit of 40 Pounds.

Since this site is so terrible and irresponsble at all, I don't put a hope to get the winnings but I really want to take back my intial deposit which they have no right to confiscate without any communication.

By the way, I am taking opportunity to warn any players who wish to play there, please don't do that. Otherwise, you not only fail to get any of your winnings but your own deposit also "missing" without any reasons.

Thank you and looking forward to hear from you soon.

Posted on January 24, 2011


Following your last message, we wish to inform you that RivaPoker puts great emphasis on a correct and secure gaming environment.

Considering our determination to provide all players with a fair gaming­ ­pla­tform, please note that we will always take action against those players who fail to comply with our Terms and Conditions.

Given that the player making the complaint abused of his accoun­t's­ ­pri­vil­eges, please note that his player account has been closed, and his withdrawals cancelled.

Please find below the paragraphs stating the above mentioned information:

97. Collusion between players by sharing hole cards or by other methods is strictly forbidden. MANDATECH reserves, in addition to other measures, the right to restrict seating and/or to prohibit Users from playing at a particular poker table or in a tournament, including restricting two or more Users from playing together at the same table or in the same to­urn­ament. Reference here is also made to the rights of MANDATECH to take measures in order to prohibit “mu­lti­-ac­cou­nti­ng” practices.

98. Mandatech also reserves the right to terminate accounts with immediate effect in the event of collusion, as well as the right to block all the User’s funds until poker investigations are concluded.

Moreover, we remind you that all players who are considered fraudu­len­t within iPoker network will no longer benefit from our services.

Therefore, we kindly ask you to remove any false accusation regard­ing­ ­Riv­aPoker for we cannot be held responsible for this player's breach of contract.

Hoping you find this information useful, we thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards,


Posted on January 26, 2011

Finally, I have the response from Riva Poker.

Unfortunately, the reply is totally irresponsible and is a false statement.

I wish to emphasize that I have no breach of any of your terms and conditions.

I play at my own home and with other players which I have no idea who are they.

If Riva Poker claiming that there is a collusion activity, then, please show my poker game history at Riva Poker and cleary indicate which game involve collusion activity? Who is the player I collude with? And, why there is no response when I email to you a couple of weeks ago? Now, you just take this standard "terms and conditions" and make a false accusation to me. This is totally ridiculous.

I play with much careful and finally get a little winnings of just GBP30. If such a little winnings also being claimed as "collusion play", then you Riva Poker is absolutely fail to protect your player interest.

I am definitely eligible to claim my winnings of GBP30 and my initial deposit of GBP40 for the total of GBP70.

I sincerely hope that AskGamblers'com will continue your effort in discovering the "TRUE FACE" of this crooked poker site RIVA POKER

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