Casino Classic - Loyalty Program

Casino Classic - Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program - How It Works

When you play at Casino Classic you'll be awarded VIP loyalty points. Every 100 points is worth a dollar in chips. There are also numerous promotions which earn you VIP points. Just like frequent flyer points, the VIP loyalty program rewards players for their loyalty.

The more you play the more rewards you get and since they're your points we put you in control of them. You can go to the Casino Rewards site and check your account at any time. Other casinos make you wait until they're ready to give you credit. We let you do it at any time. As long as you've got 1000 points in your account you can withdraw when you want to. And even better yet all transactions are done in Real Time!

And heres the best part. Casino Classic is a member of the Casino Rewards program which lets players combine VIP points from any casino that is a member of the Casino Rewards program. You can also redeem your points at any Casino Rewards member site. Simply join the member site and when you redeem your points specify which site you want them to go to.

So now I bet you are asking yourself how do I join?

All real players are automatically members. Shortly after you join Casino Classic, you'll receive an email which you can click on or cut and paste in to your browser. This will send you to the VIP Club page where you'll be prompted to setup a VIP password. If you prefer, click on this link and enter your email address and your VIP login will be sent to you. For security reasons we recommend you use a different password than the one you use at the casino. Once you click on the set password button you're ready to start using the system.

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