Brew Up Some Magic in Betfred's New Halloween Fortune Slot

Brew Up Some Magic in Betfred's New Halloween Fortune Slot

Bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble! In Halloween Fortune, the new video slot at Betfred Casino, you can brew up a little magic of your own. This game is a welcome addition to the Betfred Casino library, complete with 20 paylines and exciting features. And of course, what better time to enjoy Halloween Fortune than during the Halloween season? To get an in-depth look at all Halloween Fortune has to offer, keep on reading!

Halloween Fortune

Get Spellbound

Betfred Casino has made Halloween Fortune one of its most memorable games yet. When you first load the game, three wicked but beautiful witches will take you into their home in the eerie forest. The goal, of course, is to help them prepare some magic and enjoy the rewards. With any luck, you'll start brewing up potions before their magic vanquishes your bankroll.

The Main Game

The actual gameplay of Halloween Fortune is easy to understand. The game uses a conventional five-reel pay layout with a total of 20 paylines. The object is to get like symbols running from left-to-right on any of these paylines (except scatters, which pay in any position left-to-right). You are free to adjust the number of active paylines as well as the amount of money you have wagered on each one. Wild jack-o'-lanterns make getting winning combinations even simpler by substituting for symbols along any payline.

If that was all Halloween Fortune had to offer, it wouldn't be very exciting at all. Worry not; these witches have plenty more in store for you.

Witches' Brew Bonus

As one of the most popular bonus rounds in modern-day video slots, free spins give you a shot at winning big without losing any of your cash. In Halloween Fortune, the free spins come with a magical twist that makes them particularly valuable.

To activate Halloween Fortune's Witches' Brew Bonus, all you need to do is get a Bonus symbol on reel 1 and another on reel 5 in a single spin. Once activated, the witches will escort you to their chambers and ask that you select one of them to guide you. After making your selection, you'll be given a number of free spins.

The witch will then bring you to the cauldron, located in the midst of hundreds of spellbooks and vials. She will ask you to select a liquid ingredient to add to her concoction. Since you aren't trained in the world of black magic, the best you can do is simply guess. The finer the ingredient you select, the higher the multiplier you receive for your free spins.

Afterwards, the witches will send you back to the game to start your free spins. To make them even more lucrative, you can retrigger more spins by getting a Bonus symbol on reels 1 and 5 once again. There is no limit to what this magic can do for you.

Gamble Feature

These witches love to entice you to play risky. If you think that you can squeeze more out of a win, you can head over to the mysterious Gamble feature. A playing card will be shown to your face-down. Carefully choose either the Red orb or the Black orb. After making your decision, the card will turn over. If your magical energy guessed correctly, your winnings will double.

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