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Closed: LuckyStar Casino: 100% up to $350 + 100 Free Spins is closed, please try these instead:

LuckyStar Casino: 100% up to $350 + 100 Free Spins

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Afi4wins 1302 reviews
Here is another fabulous new offer from yet another new casino, from LuckyStar Casino. A welcome package of 100% bonus plus 100 free spins, especially exclusive to Askgamblers only and not to be found anywhere else. Seeing this, I quickly did some checking up, my country wasn't restricted, the free spins were there for my picking, and I was soon signing up without much thinking. How's that for some rushing? Hmm, shouldn't you be doing just like me too, now, before the offer ends and gets expired?

My eagerness and my great enthusiasm were soon to be broken! I just don't know what was it for me this week that everything simply had to go astray, zigzagging and not the right way. I've had registration problems, had getting free spins problems, had webpage hanging problems, the whole lot. I was hoping I would at least get lucky with LuckyStar here, but no, things were still not going my way. Argh! I had clicked on Askgamblers link to sign up, filled in the form, clicked 'submit', but nothing happened! Tried again, same thing. Thinking that maybe my country was restricted, I got assistance from the Live Chat host but was told that no restriction was in place. So I logged out, logged in, tried again, and the registration form got through, but it didn't get me into the casino. It just hanged like that. Oh no, not again, I was thinking. Back to live assistance, he checked for me, and said he couldn't find me. The blardy registration didn't get through at all! Apparently, the casino had some technical problems with my registration and couldn't accept it.

So what's next? I couldn't do any registration on my side after many attempts, so the Live Chat host (George) offered to set up a new account for me from his side. Ah, okay, that sounds good. So it was that one new account finally got registered under my name with George's help. I was delighted in a way, thanked him, and proceeded with my $20 deposit. This went through without any hitches, thank god. But another problem came up. I didn't get the 100% matching bonus, I didn't get the 100 free spins either, all because the account was not registered via the required Askgamblers link! AAARGH! So back to George, needed his assistance for the third time, but nothing much could be done. So I finally requested for one of the available options for new players, which was the 50% Cashback without any wagering offer. I didn't want to take the other options of 100%, 150% or the 200% bonus offers because no free spins were attached to any of them. I had already lost that 100 free spins and I wasn't about to get into more frustrating problems. I had enough already for that day. I just wanted to get on with it and play.

Well, as I've said many times before, 'que sera sera'! My second such happening in a week, when nothing was going right for me. I should have just kept away and let this period pass, but no, my fingers were too itchy for some spinning action, and I couldn't stop it, even if I wanted to. My deposit got burnt, requested for the 50% cashback, got it immediately from George, but that got burnt too, all within under 1 hour I think! Damn! When the tough got going, I collapsed! It wasn't a day when I would get tough and get going too. No way on that day.
I cannot really say what went wrong with my registration on that day. My ISP was running okay, it wasn't crawling like it used to do on almost every other day, so what went wrong had me baffled all day. I didn't get the 100 free spins, which was the sole impetus for my registration. The game played badly, with a straight loss, with no Free Spins achieved, with not even any decent win to keep me going on for slightly longer. The only known problem was the technical problems LuckyStar had with my registration, but no idea what caused that. For me, everything was bad, bad, bad! Sigh.

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