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Luciana 22 reviews
pokerfan, we checked this bonus with a manager and here is what he said:

"Players cannot get this bonus if they have accepted the 7 free and USED and of the 7 Free bonus. If a player has accepted the 7 free and NOT used the bonus, they simply tell Customer support they accidentally took the 7 Free and the Support staff will manually erase the bonus and place the 22 Free. The player will also be eligible for a 222% deposit bonus."
Charles: Hello and welcome to Mega Money Games. How are you today?

svogeboys14: Hi, i've got an exclusive bonus from AskGamblers ASKLUCK22 for $22 and $222 deposit matching but i dont know how to claim it

Charles: what site?


Charles: its not here man

2:24 pm Thank you for your chat. Feel free to contact us again.
I Was told the Bonus doesn't exist because it is an old one.

Hello Client. How may I help you?

Client10:10:22 PM
Hi Can i claim the £22 No Deposit bonus please
10:11:42 PM
10:12:27 PM Is the website its advertised on

Julian10:12:39 PM
one moment please

Client10:12:46 PM
Ok Thanks
Julian10:15:14 PM
i will checl it
10:15:19 PM
check it*
10:16:06 PM
i never heard about this bonus
10:16:23 PM
but i know that you can have a 7 free bonus

Client10:16:49 PM
Did you check the website?
10:17:06 PM
It has a code ASKLUCK22
10:17:27 PM
but not sure if thats the deposit bonus
10:18:05 PM
it also says-Do NOT claim the $7 no deposit bonus advertised on the casino page. Instead, contact customer support and request the $22 no deposit bonus
ulian10:18:33 PM
yes but it's an old promotion
10:18:52 PM
now the promotion doesn't exist anymore
10:19:07 PM
but our bonuses are even bigger!!

Client10:19:40 PM
does that include a bigger no deposit bonus?
10:19:50 PM
to try out the site?

Julian10:20:27 PM
the no deposit bonus is always 7///
10:20:33 PM
can't give more

Client10:20:48 PM
so its false advertising?

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