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Afi4wins 1239 reviews
Completing the full welcome bonus package from Bettingways Casino, I took up the fourth and final deposit bonus offer of 25%, plus 50 free spins on Guns N Roses. My first two deposits were successful in a minor way, but my third deposit was not. On this fourth deposit, my instincts wasn't lighted up in any way, so I wasn't expecting anything successful for this play. I should have run away, come back and play on another day, but I didn't, so nothing much more I can say!

You know how philosophers always tell you to trust and believe in your own instincts,right? Well, like it or not, much of the time, this is rather true. On this day, I saw it coming true, although somehow, it was something I had already knew. Ah well, what the heck. Sometimes, you just won't listen to what your heart says. You let your itchy fingers decide the way. And my fingers were simply just too itchy on that day! Damn!

Continuing on with the same game strategy as for my third deposit, I maintained my determination to break Dead or Alive, or let it break me instead. Not for a lot though, just for a 20 EUR deposit, plus 5 EUR bonus money, but 25 EUR isn't ever going to be enough to fight a winning battle with Jesse and his gang of outlaw boys. These boys are real rascals to beat! To beat them, you would need lots and lots of good ammunition, preferably brass or silver ones, and once you get them, you can get them real good! Hehehe. But, sadly to say, with just 25 EUR in hand, I could only use the plastic bullets way. Sigh.

I started off with my usual 0.18 EUR bets, as usual. The game looked to be quite good at times, but playing a lot like a yo-yo, so I decided to raise my bets to 0.27 EUR and see how it would fare. Hmm. In total, 3 Free Spins game came, all with 0.27 EUR bets. The first game that came, was a completely blank one, with zero sticky Wild sticking onto the reels, with almost nothing adding up to my balance. What the argh! Getting such a blank game could either be good or bad, but bad mostly, but I was hoping it would be that elusive good one instead.

The second Free Spins game wasn't any good either. Only 2 sticky Wilds came onto the reels, again with nothing much extra added up to my balance. The third Free Spins game came much too far apart, my balance has already dropped to under 3 EUR, but the game only gave 3 sticky Wilds on the reels. Yet again, insufficient to provide me with a boost to my balance, and I soon after lost it all. Dang!

The 50 free spins on Guns N Roses were not good at all. From the 50 free spins, not a single Bonus game came, and that ended with just 1.80 EUR in hand. What the argh! Too little to play on some other game, I then continued on playing Guns N Roses. Surprisingly, the first Bonus game came early, but awarded me with a 'Crowd Pleaser' game, when I had wanted and needed the 'Encore Free Spins' game instead. Ah well, it paid me 5.20 EUR anyway. A little later on, the second Bonus game came, and this time it gave me a straight 'Coin' win of 18 EUR. Not bad at all, but no fun at all! Hahaha. I was hoping for yet another Bonus game to come, but the blardy third Bonus symbol just wouldn't come at all, so in the end, Guns N Roses continued playing their song, whilst down and away I fall. Sigh.

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