Goes Where No Casino Has Gone Before - Space Goes Where No Casino Has Gone Before - Space

Calvin Ayre, Founder and CEO of, announced today that he is well into development of an off-planet casino to be located in a small space station set in orbit around the Earth.

Acting in concert with its sister aeronautics company, BoBird (, Bodog hopes to change the way people play casino games with the introduction of such unprecedented experiences as Zero Gravity Craps.

Always setting the standard for online gambling and pushing the limits of modern technology, Bodog has invested itself into this operation 100 percent.

"We are pioneering seriously advanced systems here," said Mr. Ayre, who was recently on the cover of Forbes magazine's "Billionaires" issue. "We also consider this a strong business plan since the type of people who will want to make this trip will be gamblers by nature anyway."

As the pioneer of orbital gambling, Mr. Ayre has accepted the responsibility of establishing his own gaming laws. "We intend to be more than fair. I don't think you'll find odds this good on Earth. This venture is less about making money off the tables than it is about providing a new avenue of entertainment for those daring enough to join us in space," he said. "Although space tourism is in its infancy, those with foresight are already getting involved."

Mr. Ayre points to the company Space Adventures, which is set to build a $265-million station in the United Arab Emirates with the goal of soon offering regular sub-orbital sightseeing tours. Virgin's Richard Branson is already planning to build a $225-million commercial spaceport in New Mexico for the same purpose.

BoBird ( will be building the Bodog Space Casino in a series of orbital trips, starting September 16, 2006. The final launch is scheduled for the middle of 2007 with the Bodog Space Casino opening at the end of 2007.

In usual Bodog style, celebrities and models will frequent the Bodog Space Casino. McCauley Culkin has signed on as the casino host and Bruce Willis has agreed to give a speech for the Bodog Liftoff Party.

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