Betsoft Premieres Its New Comedy Video Slot, Ned and the Rats

Betsoft Premieres Its New Comedy Video Slot, Ned and the Rats

7Red Casino has just released a video slot that might make being a slob seem more entertaining than ever. In the new Ned and the Rats game from BetSoft, see how some pesky rodents spice up this man's boring life. Although its premise is comical, this slot's graphics and unique features are some of the best available. To help you see if Ned and the Rats is the game for you, we've taken the time to explain each of the game's elements below. Before you head over to 7Red Casino to start playing, we also recommend giving it a test run for free in our Games section.

Ned and the Rats

What are the basic mechanics of the game?

Although Ned and the Rats offers some groundbreaking elements, the basic pay structure is not one of them. This is actually a good thing; it ensures that players won't get bogged down with overly complex gameplay. Ned and the Rats uses the industry standard of 5 reels with a total of 30 paylines that run from left-to-right. The object of the base game, as is almost always the case, is to arrange like symbols along these paylines and score wins as shown on the paytable.

The game features a number of stacked symbols to increase wins and make the standard game more interesting. However, the real fun of Ned and the Rats starts when you delve into the valuable bonus rounds.

How do Singing Rats Free Spins work?

The first zany feature in Ned and the Rats happens when the furry critters in Ned's new pad decide to sing a little melody. In order to activate the feature, you have to get a total of 3 or more scattered Rats symbols (the one where all the rats appear together). When you do this, the rats will get together and start performing as you watch your free spins play out. The real value of this feature comes from the fact that you can actually retrigger the spins just by getting another couple of Rats symbols.

What are Rat Tail Click Mes?

Ned and the Rats

Ned and the Rats

Ned and the Rats

The Rat Tail Click Me feature is a quick interactive bonus round that could offer up some decent wins. In order to activate it, you have to get three or more scattered Rat Tail/Mouse Hole symbols on the reels. The feature will then be turned on, and all you have to do is pluck one of the rats out of their hiding spot by clicking on its tail. An instant cash prize will then be added to your balance.

What is involved in Ratty Rat Doo-Wop?

Ratty Rat Doo-Wop is the most famous feature in Ned and the Rats. In this feature, it's up to you to help Ned's beautiful girlfriend get over her terrible fear of these critters. To activate it, just get three or more scattered Girlfriend symbols anywhere on the reels. A little movie will play where she completely freaks out at the site of all of these rats. Little does she know that they have incredible musical talent! Pick a rat to act as a soloist to awaken her with a catchy tune. If the rat does an exceptional job, you're looking at an impressive bonus win.

How can I play Ned and the Rats?

Head on over to our Ned and the Rats page and test it out for as long as you'd like. If you're ready to tackle these harmonic little pests for real money, just visit any of the listed Betsoft casinos. At 7Red Casino, you can even claim a 100% match welcome bonus to double your bankroll and boost your odds of winning in this quirky new game. We hope Ned and his rats treat you well!

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