Betfair Lowers Betting Limit for Casino Zero Lounge

Betfair Lowers Betting Limit for Casino Zero Lounge

Betfair has changed the betting limit for a variety of their games to enable players who want to place smaller bets to play their games. The casino was not fairing too well in 28 out of 130 countries where there Roulette game is available due to "no casino edge" wagering. The Casino Zero Lounge from Betfair that was "no house edge" on the four games Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and Jacks or Better changed their stake from GBP 5 to GBP 1 to allow more players to play.

Betfair has released the winning reports from the Zero Roulette and players are receiving payouts sometimes up to 100%. In Greece players won GBP 29 700 While in Spain, Germany and the Czech Republic seen large payouts as well.

Betfair also saw significant payouts to players in Lithuania, Poland and Malaysia in Asia. "While most casino operators are looking for clever ways to increase the edge they have over their customers we aim to offer our customers more value," said Betfair's Head of Casino Sam Hobcraft. "The results prove that Zero Roulette pays more back to customers per stake made than any other casino product on the market - we have taken a loss in some countries."

October 2006 is when Betfair first entered the Online Gambling market and started the Zero Lounge. In the one year the site has been open for operation they have seen over 75 thousand players that have place over 90 million bets. All of the games in the Zero Lounge have been popular especially the Zero Roulette.

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