Arabian Nights JackPot 957.234,00€, on Betsson Casino Slot

Arabian Nights JackPot 957.234,00€, on Betsson Casino Slot

Betsson Casino: Congratulations to the win of more than 900 000 in the Betsson Casino!

Peter: Thanks a lot! 

Betsson Casino: How does it feel to how won so much money? 

Peter: It feels surreal. It took a while for it to sink in! 

Betsson Casino: How long have you played online at Betsson and why did you start? 

Peter: I have played about one year and chose because you have a great looking site and it is easy to deposit and withdraw money. 

Betsson Casino: Have you had any contact with before and how have you experienced our customer support? 

Peter: No, I have had no need to. 

Betsson Casino: What are going to do with the money? 

Peter: I will pay off the loan on my house, and then I will place the money and travel. 

Betsson Casino: How much did you play for when you won? 

Peter: I had 150 euro on the account and played with these on the Arabian Nights Slots

Betsson Casino: We wish you a happy summer and good luck with the money!


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