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An Important Update Regarding QuickTender

An Important Update Regarding QuickTender

In May 2011, online gamblers in the United States faced yet another devastating blow. QuickTender, also known as UseMyWallet, has blocked withdrawals from their e-wallet to American banks. Thankfully, they have been considerably open regarding these developments, and we are able to shed some light on the events that have led to this inconvenience.

It is important that American players do not feel that they are completely shut off from gambling online. QuickTender itself has not been seized. Players can still deposit to their QuickTender accounts and transfer to and from gaming merchants. Gamblers in America should, however, look for online casinos that allow you to withdraw with a method besides QuickTender to get winnings.

A Little History

The controversy surrounding American online gambling stemmed from an unrelated addendum to the Safe Port Act of 2006 called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, or UIGEA. Immediately after its passage, many online casinos and popular e-wallets were forced out of operating in the USA.

The Department of Justice has certainly not been idle, as evidenced by the seizure of eWalletXpress in November of 2010. The common element to all of these seizures, so far, has been a lack of information from the parties involved. Both NETeller and eWalletXpress claimed that funds were being withheld "temporarily" due to "technical difficulties". Support at both services was largely unhelpful, providing canned responses to concerned players. Players with seized funds in NETeller did not see their funds for about a year after the fact. Those with funds in their eWalletXpress accounts have yet to see any money returned to them.

The Details of the QuickTender Issue

On May 18, QuickTender released an official statement that resolved many questions that players had regarding their delayed withdrawals. Unlike NETeller and eWalletXpress, QuickTender has demonstrated that they are interested in keeping players, affiliates, and casinos informed as the events unravel.

The funds have left QuickTender's bank in Europe, leaving them a bit perplexed as to why they have not arrived in American banks. They strongly suspect that the funds have been seized by the United States Department of Justice. Players can request individualized information through QuickTender's live chat feature if they would like to learn more.

Shortly after these events, many players have reported that their funds have been returned to their QuickTender accounts in the "uncleared" section. This means that the funds are, essentially, pending, and cannot be used for anything. Some players have also reported that the funds have reached their bank.

QuickTender is working with their processing partners to quickly get a working withdrawal method up and running once again. American players should be cautious, but should not feel defeated. QuickTender has proven themselves as a reputable e-wallet solution for American players. Players should try to keep balances in their QuickTender accounts small in case a full seizure does occur. They should also immediately contact any casinos they play at to ensure that they will be able to withdraw their funds by another method except QuickTender.

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