Adventures and Life Experiences Within the Reach of Your Click, Waiting at Genesys Club

Adventures and Life Experiences Within the Reach of Your Click, Waiting at Genesys Club

We are all used to casinos promoting tournaments and draws where you can win prizes such as: gadgets, fancy cars, cash money, luxury vacations, free spins/chips... And that's great, don't get us wrong, but if you are one of those players who would like to experience an adventure or try something new and exciting, maybe ever dangerous and extreme, then you will be pleased to know that Genesys Club prepared something exactly like that. Make it 31 times "exactly that". All throughout the January, from the 1st until the 31st - daily.

How to participate in the competition?

Genesys Club - Get Excited

All that is required from you is to make a deposit each day, in the minimum of $60, and you will automatically be qualified to participate in the draw and a get chance to receive a prize for that particular day. Visit any of the Genesys Club Casinos and don't miss another day!

New Year = New Experiences!

The prizes are divided into categories, so you can find your group of interest more easily. Explore them and be ready, because if you win you're going to need more than just luck for some of them.

  • Airborne - If you enjoy the feeling of freedom that flying gives, there are five different things you may get a chance to try out. Prizes: Hot Air Balloons, Flying Lessons, Sailplanes, Aerobatic and Adventure Flights, Vintage Flights.
  • Wine And Gourmet - Perhaps food and drinks is your desired area? Prizes: Brewery and Beer, Fine Dining, Cooking Schools, Gourmet Tours and Wine Education.
  • Driving - Car fanatic? Prizes: Stock Car Racing, Exotic Cars, Indy Cars, Formula Racing and Motorsports
  • Outdoor - Testing yourself and exploring your limits can be quite mind blowing. Prizes: Bungy and Zipline, Extreme Sports, Rodeo, Fishing and Horse Riding.
  • Water - How often do you get to be on a boat or just floating? Prizes: Scenic Cruises, Surfing and Kite Surfing, Boating and Sailing, White Water Rafting and Jet Boating
  • Learning And Discovery - Start something new in this new year, it just might become your future skill. Prizes: Arts and Crafts, Cooking Classes, Cultural Tours, Dance and Music and Learn a Sport.
  • Spa And Wellbeing - Treat your significant other and yourself to a day of relaxation and rest. Prizes: Feel Good, Day Spas, Get Away Spas, Photo Shoots, Yoga, Meditation and Pilates.
  • Tours And Escapes - Go on a tour or cruise. Prizes: Adventure Tours, Segway Tours, Scenic Cruises, Scenic Flights and Wine Tours.

Choose Between Genesys Club Casinos

Lucky Creek, Mandarin Palace, Grand Eagle, Treasure Mile and WizBet are online casinos where you'll find this promotion. If you are not familiar with any, don't worry and simply search through our database for each and every one of them, we are sure you'll find everything there is to know about a casino.

Also, don't forget they offer different welcome bonuses and all other sorts of bonuses. Go to websites, check the offers, see what suits you the best and good luck Bungee jumping!

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