A massive blizzard the size of $210,000 is coming round your way from Intertops Casino!

A massive blizzard the size of $210,000 is coming round your way from Intertops Casino!

A chilly blizzard hits the Intetops Casino this winter. You better hurry up while the $210,000 are flying around the place! Earn 1 point for every $100 you play on any game in the casino. The more you play the more points you accumulate and they will help you win these generous bonuses.

The promotion "Bonus Blizzard" started on Monday, December 10th 2013. and it continues until January 27th, 2014. A total of $30,000 is being given away every week! It all depends on you what the leaderboard will look like. Join the stormy race and two additional draws while the game is on!

The "Weekly Leaderboard Prize"

Each week's promotion period begins on Mondays at 2:00 a.m. EST and ends the following Monday at 1:59 a.m. EST. The leaderboard will be reset weekly so you can't take points from one week to the next one - each week you have to enter the race.

Entry is a deposit of $75 or more, which you must with play in order to qualify for the leaderboard. You will know where you stand and who is in the lead at all times, because the board is visible during this promotion. It's available here on this link. http:/­/ca­sin­opr­omo­tio­ns.i­nt­ert­ops.eu­/bo­nus­bli­zzard

After every week, top players will receive bonuses up to $800 according to the rank.

"Storm of the Century" bonuses each Thursday

This is not the only draw where you can participate in: deposit $25 or more each week and qualify for the Thursday draw. It's not necessary to appear on the weekly leaderboard to be in this draw. 50 players will get their share each Thursday.

Ride on the "Golden Toboggan" with $1000 in pocket!

When the promotion is over, on Jan 28th two lucky winners will be awarded with the "Golden Toboggan" cash prizes, each worth $1000.

To qualify for the grand prize draw you must be at least once in top 15 players in one week during the promotion. So, you don't need to be the best all the time, what you need to achieve is be among 15 first players once and you're in the draw.

Choose the game that suit your needs

Christmas-themed games are definitely the most popular ones right now and there are many you can choose from. The new "Santastic" feature bonus rounds with extra payouts, "Return of the Rudolph", "The Elf Wars" or maybe "Naughty or Nice". All of them feature extraordinary bonus rounds with lots of additional prizes as well as a devilish Rudolph, poor tortured elf, naughty girls, nice girls and of course our loving Santa.

After you log in enter your Account Name, click "FIND ME" to see where you stand each week. Don't miss out on anything and make sure you check your position on the leaderboard every Monday as well as your emails regularly.

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