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A Look at Some Common Betting Systems

A Look at Some Common Betting Systems

Everyone has their own unique way that they like to play Casino Games. One person may enjoy just regular flat betting. Others might use a systematic approach to their wagering, and yet others will just use their intuition to determine how they should bet. Every betting style will change how a game plays, which is why different systems are so popular.

Many people try to sell these "winning" systems to players for a fee. While playing with a certain betting style can be fun, it's important to remember that no betting system can overcome the house edge, regardless of the game involved. If they could, casinos would have changed the rules to nullify these systems long ago. If someone did find a winning system, they would logically be using it to make money, rather than trying to pawn it off on the market.

Nonetheless, when you acknowledge that the use of a system won't make you rich, it can certainly shake up your gambling routine. Just take a look at some of these betting styles, and see if you're up to the challenge of trying one of them out the next time you visit your favourite Online Casino. We'll discuss how each of them impact the overall gameplay, as well.

Martingale System

Probably the most well-known betting system, the Martingale is a simple betting progression that can offer players a gambling experience that will keep them on the edge of their seats. The system is designed to work on even-money games, such as roulette or baccarat. Since it doesn't eliminate the house edge, find the game with the lowest house edge you can find - probably the banker bet in baccarat.

Begin by placing the minimum bet. The lower the minimum bet, the longer you'll survive playing Martingale. If you win the wager, congratulations: Do it again. If not, double your wager and make the same bet. The basis of the Martingale is that, when you win, you'll get your bets for that cycle back, plus a win of one minimum bet. The system fails, primarily, because you will eventually have to double beyond your bankroll. Table maximums also reduce its longevity.

Reverse Martingale

The original Martingale is a negative progression system. Essentially, once you start losing, you start heading down faster and faster, in hopes that you'll win and bounce back. The Reverse Martingale takes the opposite approach. Again, play an even-money game for this, preferably the banker bet in baccarat. In all actuality, the best place to do this is with the double-up feature in video poker.

Make the minimum bet. If you lose, try again. If you win, double it. With this system in particular, it's important to set a goal and stick to it. Once you've hit your desired win, stop gambling and enjoy your success. The higher you set your expectation, the more likely you will lose. The system fails simply because the house edge makes losses more likely than wins. If you're up for the challenge, though, this high-variance betting system can be an unforgettable experience.


Also known as the D'Alambert system, the cancellation system is great for players who like to take a slow, analytical approach to casino gaming. While it won't overcome the odds, it is a very entertaining way to play. With online casinos, you can go at your own pace, making it even more fun.

Write down ten 1s on a piece of paper (1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1), or use a text editor on your computer for the task. These 1s represent the 10 units you intend to win. Always wager the sum of the left and right number on your chosen even-money game. Erase these numbers after making your bet. If you won, just proceed with the next set of 1s. If not, add these two numbers you just erased and put the sum on the right. The flaw with this system is the same as the Martingale, in that, while you'll probably win, you will eventually have to bet an amount larger than your bankroll. Nonetheless, it's a refreshingly different approach to gaming.

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