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A Look at NetEnt's Specialty Games

A Look at NetEnt's Specialty Games

NetEnt has been seeing plenty of commercial success over the past year, and it's no wonder. With its casinos flaunting some of the most advanced games in the world and high standards for its clients, NetEnt deserves every bit of success they are seeing. While their slots are by far their most popular games, they have some truly unique specialty games that gamblers ought to look into. We'll address some of the best ones they have.

Black and White

For a game that's really nothing more than a coin toss, Black and White is extraordinary. The game is oddly dramatic, taking place in the middle of a rocky, snowy valley. The background music is calming, but intense. Rolling clouds soar behind three rectangles that have two sides: a black one and a white one. A plethora of controls are available to the player to bet on the outcome of these three rectangles.

Players can select to bet on whether the rectangles will be all white or all black. This daring bet pays out 6.3:1. For a more intense experience, players can predict the rectangles one-by-one, and if successful, also win 6.3:1. This bet has a house edge of 8.75%.

For more conservative players, there is another bet for two black or two white rectangles. To win, it must be two of the color only; three of the same color lose. The bet pays 1.5:1 for a lower house edge of 6.25%.

Poker Bets

If you're in the mood for an intricate, slow-paced game, Poker Bets is the one for you. In this game, you predict the outcome of a Texas Hold'Em game. The layout is simple and non-distracting, so you can take your time to make your decisions. There are four betting options to select from. You can outright choose which of the six players will win, what the winner's river card is, what the winner's turn card is, or the rank of the winning hand.

While this would make it nothing more than a guessing game, the real skill comes from being able to place additional bets throughout the game, or place no bets at all. After the flop, the turn, and the river, you will be given the opportunity to place more bets at the adjusted odds. Payouts are available on the lower-left, so you can see about how large or small the odds are.

It's difficult to place an edge on this game due to the varying odds, but the game is something that math junkies and poker lovers will certainly enjoy playing.

Golden Derby

Golden Derby is a major improvement over its successor, Derby. The game uses beautiful 3D graphics to create a realistic horse race. The huge variety of options available really gives players the feel of the real experience. The ambient noise is carnival fanfare, with bookies shouting and eager patrons conversing among each other. It's your turn to place a bet! You can choose a horse to win, place, or show from the list of creatively named animals. The odds are available by clicking the blue “i” next to the payout amount. Players have the control of typing in their own bet amounts, rather than having to select from predetermined sizes.

Players also have the unique option to play an exacta or quinella. When placing an exacta, players must select two horses and predict one to come in first and one to come in second. When placing a quinella, players must simply select two horses, and the bet wins as long as they are both finish before the third horse makes it through the line.

The race itself is very elegantly done, with an enthusiastic narrator voicing over the lifelike horses as they race. The numbers above the horses adjust as they make it to first, second, and third place, so you can keep up with the action. Once the race is complete, the virtual bookie will pay you any winnings you have won. For some intense, but slow-paced fun, NetEnt's Golden Derby is unlike anything else.

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