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4 Tips for Your First Withdrawal

4 Tips for Your First Withdrawal

When an online gambler wins enough worth withdrawing at a casino, the first withdrawal can be a tedious process. Assuming that someone is playing at a reputable establishment, the process is necessary for the casino to prevent fraudsters from stealing money from the casino. This is particularly necessary if bonuses are involved. Don't worry, though! With these tips, your first withdrawal experience can be painless.

#1: Send in the documentation as soon as possible.

Typically, the longest pending period of a withdrawal comes from the document verification process. Almost all casinos will request players to send in certain documents to verify their identity. This stops people from making multiple accounts and scamming the casino over a bonus offer. When someone has a bunch of money in a casino account, though, no one wants to wait! So why not send in these documents before you have to withdraw?

This warrants a few disclaimers. First, do not ever send documents to a casino unless you know that you can trust them. The requested information will be sensitive, and rogue operations should not be trusted with information regarding your finances or identity. Second, not all casinos allow you to send in documents beforehand, but most do. Search the Banking, Cashier, or Terms & Conditions sections of the website for a link to a verification form or faxback form. Read it thoroughly and be sure to comply exactly. If such a form does not exist on the website, you will have to wait until you submit your withdrawal in order to verify your account.

#2: Get quality, color scanned photos of all documentation.

Casinos are typically nit-picky about document quality. Be sure not to get caught in the waiting trap with poorly-scanned documents. Most scanners made today have a great image resolution. Always scan at the highest available resolution in photo quality. Ensure that the entire document is visible on the image. Save the documents in .JPG format, and be sure to keep them on your computer for other casinos.

When you have all of the documents filled out and scanned as requested, e-mail them to the address given to you by casino support or on the verification form (if there is one). Do not fax them. In addition to the fact that faxes generally degrade image quality, you may face an international faxing fee. The security and cost-free e-mail solution is much better. By taking these steps regarding document scanning and sending, you should have your withdrawal out of the verification hurdle in hours.

#3: Withdraw to the same place you deposited from, if possible.

Many casinos require that your deposit and withdrawal methods are equal. If you deposit through Moneybookers and attempt to withdraw through EcoCard, for instance, the casino will likely cancel the withdrawal and ask you to withdraw back to Moneybookers. This delay can take a day or even more. Eliminate the waiting period altogether by ensuring that you withdraw back to the same account you deposited from.

Casinos are not completely adamant about this, though. If you have a sizable win or make arrangements with support beforehand, most are flexible in making other accommodations. Just ensure that you have contacted the casino beforehand in order to prevent any unnecessary pending periods.

#4: Make sure you have completed wagering requirements for a bonus.

If you are withdrawing from a bonus deposit, ensure that you have completed wagering requirements. In addition to causing delays if you have not, many casinos will completely void all winnings from the bonus and refund your deposit if you try to withdraw early. While most casinos have a running counter of some kind in the cashier window to keep track of this, it never hurts to ask support.

Additionally, consider keeping track of your own playthrough as you gamble with the bonus. Use a running tally or other system and stay aware of how much you have left. Contact support when you think you have completed the wagering requirements. While it may seem tedious, it will be much less grating than having to wait days or weeks for a big cashout, or wosre: having your big win completely erased due to a term against early withdrawal. The key to having a hassle-free online gaming experience really is nothing more than following the rules.

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