3D Video Keno Has Arrived at EuroSlots Casino

3D Video Keno Has Arrived at EuroSlots Casino

EuroSlots Casino is now home to exclusive 3D video keno games from a brand new game developer, Yggdrasil Gaming. These games offer high-quality graphics and unique bonus features that aren't commonly found in keno. A total of four new Yggdrasil Gaming video keno titles are now available at EuroSlots Casino, in addition to all of the casino's famous NetEnt slots. You can check out our quick overview below, or just head over to EuroSlots Casino now through our link and choose "Number Games" to try these games out for yourself.

General Overview

Medusa Eyes of Fire

Each of these video keno games allows you to choose either 4, 8, or 12 numbers from a total of 80 different numbers. Twenty balls are then drawn, and you are awarded payouts based on the number of balls that match the ones you selected. Each game also has a special square in the center that awards a bonus feature. Get lucky enough on any of these new games and you could win thousands on just a €1 wager.

Medusa Eyes of Fire

Medusa Eyes of Fire

Face Medusa bravely in the Medusa Eyes of Fire video keno game. If a flame lands on the Golden Chamber, it will open up and you will be awarded 9 extra balls. While open, you'll receive a fixed cash prize for each time a flame falls into the newly formed hole.

Siamese Serpents

Ancient legends of mighty reptiles combine with an exciting keno game in Siamese Serpents. Open up the Magical Fireplace to instantly double the number of balls you have remaining. While the Magical Fireplace is enabled, a ball can land on the Serpent's head, creating additional serpents with even more balls.

Precious Anuran

Go deep into the Amazon jungle in Precious Anuran. If you trigger the Magical Fireplace, you'll get extra balls and the chance to win even more cash through an extra multiplier bonus on either the 8-number or 12-number paytable.

Beaming Canines

Find riches deep in the pyramids of Egypt in Beaming Canines. You can trigger this video keno game's bonus feature by hitting the Central Figurine, where Anubis' Dogs will be unleashed. Then, get three more hits to activate the massive Anubis Frenzy round.

Scratch Games

Want even more fun? EuroSlots Casino has also added 4 new scratch games from Yggdrasil Gaming, each with the opportunity to win guaranteed cash in two different ways. Each game has its own unique theme: royal wealth in King for the Day, a tropical getaway in Holiday Cash, tons of cash in Piggy Bank, and valuable gems in Precious Little Diamond. Find your lucky ticket and you could win thousands from a tiny €1 bet.

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