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3 Most Unique Three-Reel Slots

3 Most Unique Three-Reel Slots

Three-reel slots, often referred to as “tr­adi­tio­nal­” or “cl­ass­ic” slots, were a staple of the casino gaming industry for a very long time. Due to advanced technology, however, video slots have taken over as the most predominant form of slot machines. It can be frustrating to a gambler when he or she finds his or her favorite classic reels slot has been removed from his or her favorite land-based casino. Thankfully, players can still find plenty of exciting three-reel slots at online casinos. Let’s take a look at the 3 three-reel slots games that really set themselves apart from the others.

#3: Flea Market, Rival

When most people think of a three-reel slot, they think of the traditional symbols: bars, cherries, and sevens. How about wilds? That’s right, in Flea Market there are wild symbols that make any win pay double (or quadruple if the wild appears twice). The diamond ring wild symbol does not appear often, but when it does, you can expect big bucks almost every time.

Aside from the use of the wild symbol that is normally only found in video slots, Flea Market also has a pleasantly immersive atmosphere. The game’s theme is a pun on “Flea Market”. The environment is literally a marketplace where fleas are buying and selling goods. Throughout the game, fleas jump across the screen waving their lollipops. Not only is this game unique in how it plays, but also in how entertaining it is just to watch.

Flea Market can be played at any Rival casino, such as Cocoa Casino. The software has plenty of other traditional three-reel slots, and they’re all worth checking out, as well. Rival Casinos accept US players.

#2: Operation M.Y.O.W., RTG

The rules of almost all three-reel slot games are listed on the paytable, unable to be changed. Wouldn’t it be nice if players could pick and choose how they wanted the game to pay out? Well, now they can with Operation M.Y.O.W. This Real Time Gaming classic slot machine is far from traditional. Players have five different paytables they can select from on this machine, each with its own flair.

Bat Cat, for instance, is perfect for players that want low-risk play, with any 2 cats or any 3 symbols paying 4 coins on a 3 coin bet. Players who want a more volatile rollercoaster experience can try Catzilla, the meanest cat of them all. To put this into perspective, the lowest win on Catzilla is 50 coins on a 3 coin bet! Between Bat Cat and Catzilla are three other games: The King, Lucky Cat, and Kung-Fu Kitty, each with their own unique twist on this decision-filled three-reel slot.

Operation M.Y.O.W. is available at all RTG casinos, so be sure to pick a reputable one to play with. We recommend High Noon Casino. This three-reel slot has something you just can’t find anywhere else: choices. All RTG casinos accept US players.

#1: Double Dice, 3Dice

If there’s one thing that online casinos have trouble doing, it’s re-creating the land-based casino experience. 3Dice has successfully overcome that obstacle. With their chat, ambient sounds, and masterfully-crafted graphics, it truly feels like a brick-and-mortar establishment. This couldn’t be truer of their most unique classic slot: Double Dice.

Double Dice is not a machine for the high roller. With a max bet of 50 cents, though, the game offers plenty of big winning opportunities. The theme of the game is riches. Symbols such as gold bricks, bags of money, and diamonds fill this 3x3 grid game. Unlike most three-reel slots, Double Dice has five paylines! The big wins come with the wild 3Dice symbols. These will substitute for any symbol to increase your chances of getting a win. The best thing about these wilds is their big payout if you get three on a payline. Three wilds on line 1 pays 1000 coins, line 2 pays 2000 coins, and so on until line 5. If you get 5 wilds on line 5, you win the progressive jackpot, which is often in the thousands of dollars. Not bad for just a 50 cent bet!

Double Dice is only available at 3Dice Casino, a highly reputable online casino that accepts US players. With such big opportunities to win in a welcoming environment, it’s hard to pass Double Dice up.

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