3 Hot New Games to Enjoy at Slots and Games

3 Hot New Games to Enjoy at Slots and Games

Slots and Games is getting ready to unveil their three newest games over the course of March. With their unique approach to instant win games, Slots and Games have become one of the most popular destinations for AskGamblers readers looking for something a little different. From the sneak preview we've gotten, we think these next 3 games will make for an interesting addition to their already impressive catalogue.

3rd of March: The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful

As one of the most popular soap operas on the planet, The Bold and the Beautiful is known for its over-the-top drama and winding storyline. On the 3rd of March, Slots and Games will become the first online casino to transform this award-winning TV show into a high-action instant win game from NeoGames.

When you first load the game, you'll be able to set how much you would like to wager, as well as how many "pictures" (cards) you would like to play with. When you press Play, one of the show's 8 main characters will be displayed on the Winning Image panel. Your goal is to get as many matches of that character as possible. If you're really successful, it could be the easiest £1k you've ever won.

26th of March: Spiderman Revelations

Spiderman Revelations

On the 26th, Slots and Games will be introducing their first external game: Spiderman Revelations. This video slot is currently already available at any of our [45] casinos, so if you'd like to try it out, just go to our listings and find a casino that fits your needs the best.

Spiderman Revelations is part of CryptoLogic's famous Marvel progressive jackpot network, meaning that you could win thousands of pounds with just one lucky spin. In addition to up to 25 paylines of action in its base game, Spiderman Revelations also offers one intense bonus round. In it, Spiderman must stop the evil Doctor Octopus from wreaking havoc on the city. For your good deeds, you'll be awarded a number of free games at a specific multiplier. If you think you can beat Doctor Octopus again, you can try for a better set of games.

30th of March: 7 BOOM

7 Boom

To add to their already impressive set of NeoGames scratch cards, Slots and Games will be introducing 7 BOOM on the 30th of March. This game puts a completely new twist on the traditional scratch card while still keeping the simple rules and quick play that make scratch cards such popular games.

In 7 BOOM, you'll have the opportunity to play two games in one. Choose how much you'd like to pay and select the number of lines, then start enjoying the fun. On the first column, try to get 2 numbers that add up to 7. In the second, simply try to uncover as many 7s as you can. For each win, you'll automatically get the prize listed next to the winning combination.

Get Ready for Slots and Games's Upcoming Releases

Unfortunately, we've still got a while to wait before these 3 new games will make their way to the Slots and Games library. In the meantime, we recommend that you get acquainted with the style of games Slots and Games has to offer. If you've never played before, you can even claim a £5 free chip on the house.

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