Victor Chandler Casino Upgrade

Victor Chandler Casino Upgrade

September 21, 2006.

VC have recently made several changes to their casino, with the result that the casino is now an easier and far more enjoyable place to play!

The main change was to remove the need for Chip Transfers into the casino. Whereas players used to have to deposit money then purchase chips to play in the casino, they are now able to deposit money and play immediately!

In addition, VC Casino have also launched 7 new games, 5 new Video Poker games and 2 new 5-Reel Slots! Video Poker games allow you to play multi-hand video poker, whilst the 5-Reel Slots offer you some of the best bonus rounds in the business.

Commenting on the changes, Andy Harris (Head of VC Casino) said: "These upgrades are guaranteed to take VC Casino to a new level, with all of our players being able to play our new games easier than ever before."