The Good the Bad and the Ugly - Casinos with most Complaints

The Good the Bad and the Ugly - Casinos with most Complaints

Sometimes a dispute can occur between two parties in the online gambling community and as much as we would like to see that all Online Casinos behave in the utmost professional manner towards their clients there frequently arise cases when we are proven wrong. These disputes go both ways and there are also many cases of players trying to scam the Casino by a variety of threats. In today's online social forums the news about a rouge casino can spread like a forest fire, all though that Casino may not act rouge in any case and is simply defending its policies. So who to believe, in many cases it comes down to pure common sense. At AskGamblers there is a whole section dedicated to [109]. The Complaints section was set up to help the communication between the player and the casino operator in the case of a dispute occurring and acting as some sort of mediator. This section is structured so that a player can submit a complaint in a form that will be reviewed by AskGamblers staff. AskGamblers strive to take a neutral stance in all conflicts and once a complaint has been submitted the claims will be reviewed and if enough facts have been submitted then AskGamblers Complaints section will contact the Casino Operator in question on behalf of the player to create a dialogue between the two parties. AskGamblers will give all operators 3 days and 23 hours response time to any given issue.

This article is by no means trying to throw dirt in any direction, in the cases shown below we will highlight some recent issues that have occurred and have been reported through the AskGamblers Complaints System. There will be cases of both successfully solved issues, where the casino operator have acted within the response period set up or even immediately, offering not only an explanation but polite understanding. Unfortunately there also exists cases where appalling treatment appears as normal behavior and getting a response from a customer service representative something unbelieveable. These situations cannot be allowed. It was with this in mind that AskGamblers decided to sett up this system and since it's launch it has received a range of good feedback and clients sending their thanks and appreciation of the service. There have also been cases of outraged players contacting AskGamblers believing that the Complaints System is directly responsible for those Casinos who are either unresponsive or who has not processed a payment for the client. AskGamblers Complaints section solely exists to assist with any communication problem that may occur between the player and the Casino Operator. If the dispute goes unsolved there is very little that the Complaints department can do about it. Having said that reading the many complaints submitted through this section it is my understanding that Casinos generally want to solve the situation in the best possible way.

Many of the casinos that will be mentioned here are not recommended by AskGamblers. In order to avoid any bad egg as one could say AskGamblers give a certificate seal to casinos that are either recommended or not recommended.

Recommended Casinos

All AskGamblers Recommended Casinos will have this yellow logo display which will appear under the review of the Casino.

Not Recommended Casinos

As well as recommended casinos, AskGamblers has a Not Recommended logo for casinos that has had a long range of disputes behind them and that are known for being a rouge casino.


Complaints with successful outcomes

One of the most tiresome conflicts that players can go through and frequently submit complaints about are slow withdrawals that can even result in the non payment to a player. One of the many cases submitted of slow payments have been for Cool Cat Casino. These cases have been resolved successfully with some help from the Complaints System such as in the case of Cool Cat won't pay. Many long emails back and forth will tire most out but here is where the Complaints system can help and provide a non biased input and sometime even help speed up the process such as with Cirrus Casino who have received many complaints on slow payments such as the case of Cirrus Casino Lies.


Complaints with unsuccessful outcomes

The majority of issues submitted are due to unresponsive casinos and non payments. In these cases it is highly important that the Casino responds immediately, however looking through some issues it is clear that some operators does not even reply or in the extreme case of Gold Vip Club Casino after a number of submitted complaints and after receiving confirmation of their email contact it comes back as undelivered. This is by no means accepted, and many of the ones who have fallen victims have also decided to submit a complaint, such as the case of Poor treatment by Gold VIP Club. AskGamblers Complaints section has still to receive an answer to the complaint submitted to the operator.

If slow or non payments occur it can be very frustrating but the most irritating must be when there is zero communication, there have been cases when customer support is non existent such as the case with Orange Gamez Non Payments. Email came back as undelivered and Live Chat closed.

Submitting a Complaint

If you are experiencing an issue with an online casino you can [108] to the AskGamblers Complaints System.