The 5 Microgaming Slots With the Best Return

The 5 Microgaming Slots With the Best Return

June 6, 2011.

Microgaming Casinos is one of the world's largest online casino game software providers. Their popularity stems from their quality casino operators and their variety and quality of games. Many players are drawn to Microgaming slots for their stunning graphics, immersive atmospheres, and exciting features.

You may be wondering, though, which Microgaming slots give you the best odds. After all, it's always best to find the game with the best return for your money. Usually, slot data is hard to find. However, there has actually been analysis done on the Microgaming slot games. While not all games have been analysed, one reputable online casino has published the house edges for several of its slot games. Here are the five best ones that we are aware of:

#5: Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Return: 96%

Inspired by the popular video games starring the beautiful Lara Croft, Tomb Raider puts gamblers in the same action-filled scenarios as they try to win big prizes from within the tomb. Get three scatters, and you're looking at 10 free spins at a 3x multiplier. You can also enter the special cash-filled bonus round by getting three bonus symbols on a payline. Overall, Tomb Raider's generous features are what give it its better-than-average RTP of 96%.

#4: Thunderstruck Return: 96%

One of the most popular video slots online, Thunderstruck has drawn tons of attention for its revolutionary graphical quality. Gamers worship almighty Thor, and hopefully he will reward them with generous payouts. He himself is wild and will double any substituted wins. Additionally, get three mystical rams, and you're looking at 15 free spins at a 3x multiplier. With consistent line wins, it all adds up to a nice RTP of 96%.

#3: Spring Break Return: 96.1%

Spring Break is cause to celebrate for millions of people across the globe. Slot junkies can experience the exhilaration for themselves with Microgaming's slot. In it, players will find all the iconic symbols like beer, popsicles, and barbecues. Nab three or more scatters to start the free spins round and get 15 free spins with a nice 3x multiplier. The whole holiday-themed package ends up with a noteworthy RTP of 96.1%.

#2: Pharaoh's Treasure Return: 96.27%

Take a trip back in time and see the culture of the ancient Egyptians in Pharaoh's Treasure. This 20-line video slot from Microgaming has plenty of exciting features and some of the best odds in the online video slot industry. With a great free spins feature and a progressive jackpot, Pharaoh's Treasure stands tall with an impressive 96.27% RTP.

#1: Loaded Return: 96.29%

The fact that Loaded may very well be the best video slot on the Internet may be a bit of a surprise. It's not nearly as popular as other games, nor does it have anything in particular that sets it way above all the rest in gameplay. However, the odds speak for themselves. Loaded is a tricked-out, hip-hop themed Microgaming video slot, where players try to get to their very own rich urban life. The game's prominent features include a triple wild and a truly incredible 560,000 coin jackpot. With a choice-enabled free spins feature to boot, Loaded is the pinnacle of good online slots with an RTP of 96.29%.