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  • Insert as much details as it is possible. Every additional information, will help us in solving disputes. This will save time and enable us to come to the fair solution fast.

  • Don't blame anybody without evidence
  • Our Company really cares about fair game. This is a must. If anybody tries to run his own campaign against somebody else, providing false information, he will be blacklisted across the whole Company network and everywhere in area of our influence. Our site will not be a terrain for somebody else’s private dishonest activities.

  • Always attach a screenshot as a documented proof
  • We will not accept any complaint that does not have proper documentation, which will show us that your inquiry is correct. Our reaction as your online advocate will be stronger and undisputable and your problem can be resolved on mutual satisfaction.

  • Do not expose sensitive information
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  • Be aware
  • All our activities will be focused on establishing Fair Game between Players and Online Gambling Companies. That is a must and there will be no compromise regarding to these key goals.