Stop Press: To Be or Not To Be? (Update)

Stop Press: To Be or Not To Be? (Update)

July 24, 2009.

The website may be non-functional, but it was back up as the week ended, and the ZookZ management were actively ploughing the blogs and message boards despite being disowned by the Antiguan government.

Acknowledging that the downloadable music and movie service was still out of action, ZookZ personnel assured interested parties that work was in progress to get things running again.

"ZookZ has processed all customer refunds as of 07/21/09 so if you don't see the credit by 7/24/09 please contact us," said one post from Marlie Hall, director of ZookZ corporate communications. "If you have any questions about any files you downloaded from ZookZ please send us a detailed email to [email protected]"

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