Now you see it, now you don't

Posted on September 14, 2009 by David Harrisson Casino

Players were scratching their heads this week over the sudden appearance - and equally puzzling disappearance - of a new Wizard-powered online casino branded Slots Country

The operation offered play on Wizard games in practice mode only, prompting speculation that it was an attempt by Wizard to maintain an online profile now that its last remaining licensee, All Stars, has switched to Real Time Gaming software.

Marketing blurb on the site suggested that users who wanted to play for real money bonuses should try one of the online casinos "listed on the Wizard Gaming website"; trouble is - there aren't any.

Commenting earlier this month on the All Stars change, a Wizard spokesman assured the industry that the company remained in business and would have some business announcements to make going forward.

Players who subsequently clicked through to Slots Country found the following notice: "You are seeing this page because the current domain is not configured in the current set of name servers or your domain is being parked. This is usually just a temporary error while the domain is being added. Once the domain is configured this page will expire and your correct site will be shown."

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