GR88 Rewards Their Players with a One-Day $2000 Tournament

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GR88 Rewards Their Players with a One-Day $2000 Tournament

If you've played at GR88 Casino over the past month, you likely have access to a slots tournament being hosted today, January 8th, at 3:00pm Eastern Standard Time. Unlike most other tournaments GR88 offers, you can join this one for free so long as you've played recently. To get your chance at winning a share of the prize pool, all you need to do is head over to GR88 Casino, join the tournament, and start competing today.

Tournament Eligibility

We think it's great that GR88 Casino is taking the time to reward their players with something a little different. To participate, you'll need to have had made at least $50 in total deposits between December 1st, 2011, and January 7th, 2012. You should have received a coupon in your cashier for the tournament. If you are unsure that you have reached the quota, contact the 24/7 live helpdesk through their website to find out. If you are eligible, they will also be able to provide you with any information you need about the tournament itself.

Joining GR88's Loyalty Tournament

If you meet the $50 eligibility requirement, you can get started competing against other players in just a few moments. The below steps will guide you through the process.

  • Go to the GR88 Casino website.
  • Log in with your GR88 Casino username and password.
  • Once you are inside the site, click the Tournaments tab.
  • Click the yellow checkmark next to the $2000 slots tournament.
  • Start playing their CTXM slots and rack up your wager total.

Winning the Tournament

Unlike most tournaments in the online casino world, this $2000 loyalty tournament at GR88 Casino is based on the amount you wager, not how much you win. Make no mistake: having lots of luck will certainly help, but the most important thing is to keep playing. Since this tournament only runs for a day, you should keep spinning whenever possible to maintain an edge on your competitors.

If you feel like you need a little nudge, you can rebuy into the tournament for a $5 fee. Although the tournament is technically free, consider using this if you feel like it will give you the edge you need to snag a victory.


GR88 Casino has set up this $2000 loyalty tournament in order to give their loyal players a fair shot at winning big. As such, they have decided to split this up based on the total number of players who participate in the tournament. The exact number of winning places and the prizes they receive will vary based on the number of active competitors.

Want to see the current prize structure or how the competition is faring? Just go into the main website, click the Tournaments tab, and see the chart for yourself. This page will also provide a summary for the rules of the tournament if you need refreshed. Make sure to check regularly to see how much playing you need to do or if buying in is a wise decision to make.

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