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Sneak a Peek - Planet Exotica is my second likeable video slot in the Sneak A Peek series. So we came from Wild nurses to Alien Babes! This is more smoother in graphics and the club music goes great with this slot! It has a few more paylines then my lovely Sneak A Peek - Doctor Doctor but it can provide very good moderate winnings, even for a 15 paylines video slot.

I personally place bets like $0.75 then I raised my bets higher for $1.05 and finally $1.20 per spin. For my high bet of $1.20, I landed 5 Sooki's (She's the blue alien octopus gal) for an astounding $120!!! The machine started ringing and my Big Win was shown on my right! It was pretty galactic!

The bonus, when the bonus reserve lands on the first reel to the last reel to try landing an alien babe gets their bonus if she is in the border. She gets beamed down (Tandy, Lumeena, Sooki, Asherah or Meduna, with her seexxyy eyes) and all of the letters around her are shown. I basically have to match each piece of clothing before the babe gets stripped down to it's corresponding match and win 10x per 3 matches. Most of what I grab were for 20x but sometimes 30x if I get lucky in avoiding the bouncer symbols. This is the only game that I haven't gotten a perfect hit yet! In Doctor Doctor, the opposite has happened although nothing special came when I got all matches! I have been expecting something special but never gotten anything but a 60x win! I loved the view I'm seeing, a perfect 60x win and a naked lady, two great combinations :D !

The Free spins weren't so bad although not much to land for extra free spins and multipliers. It has more free spins but less in multipliers during the start. 1x and 2x on here where my Doctor Doctor can go with less free spins at up to 3x multiplier! Little is to be said about these so there is nothing to comment for them! Okay.....except for a $14.30 win from these for 9 Free spins at 2x and only one lipstick symbol to gain 2 more free spins, that's about it lol! It's still a good game that I go every now and then so I can't ignore Planet Exotica, I guess I play it if I'm tired of Doctor Doctor! I just change between the too when luck strikes!
In Sneak a Peek - Planet Exotica, there are plenty of those Sneak a Peek reserves (for hitting the bonus) but when it tries to land one of the alien babes on the last reel, their are only 5 of them unlike Doctor Doctor. It's challenging to land their bonus and only 5 of them are on it. Once the reserve passes all 5 of them and slows at that moment it stops near Asherah, then I know for a fact it doesn't have any hope of triggering!

The Doctor Doctor slot has plenty of nurses to hit their bonus not to mention the 15x per stripped clothing whereas Planet Exotica hits only for 10x a piece. It's just harder and not worth getting! The same happens for the Smooch free spins. I like the old one better because it is much easier to grab plus the scattered smooches appear much more often to hit the free spins feature. How I would feel about Planet Exotica is 50% less liked on my favourite Doctor Doctor slot! I just like the animations and how the reserves come out to tease me a bit!
Sneak a Peek Planet Exotica is a 15 line game with a bonus game and a free spins feature. I would honestly say that i did not like the bonus feature because you pretty much know how much you are going to win. When Sneak a Peak lands on the first reel and one of the babes land on the corresponding position on the fifth reel you win that babes bonus. When the babe bonus comes out, an alien babe appears with 15 tiles on top of her. Then you select 12 tiles, and for every 3 you match you receive 10x your bet. So if you are very lucky you will win 4 times, which is only 40x your bet. I usually win 20x or 30x. The only good thing in this bonus is that for every three matched tiles the alien girl takes some of her clothes off.

The free spins bonus on the other hand i liked a lot. If 3 or more scatters( lips) come out then you win the free spins feature. You select one of the lips to reveal your free spins and multiplier. You can win up to 10 free spins with 2x multiplier. In the free spins if green lipstick appears on the 4th reel you can get up to 3 extra free spins, and if the pink lipstick lands on the fifth reel it can add up to 2x multiplier. On a €0.60 bet i won €70 in the free spins.

I must admit that the wins on this game are pretty big. Any 5 of the babes on a €0.60 bet pay €40 at least. I found that for me personally double tapping worked a lot on this game. If the Sneak a Peak sign comes out on the first reel with double tap the last reel still spins normally for a chance to win the bonus. The bonus did come out a lot and the free spins were very enjoyable to watch. Over all the game is very interesting and if i was to rate it out of 10 i would give it a solid 6.
Hope you enjoyed my review, and have a good day:)

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