Rook's Revenge

By Betsoft Casinos

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Meet the natives of the jungle and see if you can find some luck along the way in Rook's Revenge. This innovative 3D video slot from Betsoft contains a number of bonus features, beautiful graphics, and plenty of chances to win. You can try Rook's Revenge right here for free, or visit any of the Betsoft casinos listed below to try it out for real money.

Before you start playing, decide how much you want to bet. The “Choose Coin” menu lets you select your coin denomination. Adjust the number of coins you want to wager per line with the “Bet Per Line” section. When you're ready, push “Spin”, or select “Max Bet Spin” to play with the maximum number of coins per line. All 25 lines are compulsory.

If you get any winning combination from left-to-right, the Exploding Symbols feature will initiate. This causes all winning symbols to explode, allowing new ones to drop in from below. The more consecutive wins you hit, the higher the multiplier will be. Wild symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4 make it easier to get these winning line combinations.

The game's free spin feature can be triggered by getting 3 Golden Masks on reels 1, 2, and 3. During the free spins, the Exploding Symbols feature carries even higher multipliers. Get 3 more Golden Masks to re-trigger.

Game Play

Choose Coin: Set your bet denomination.
Bet Per Line: Adjust the number of coins per line.
Spin: Play at the selected bet.
Max Bet Spin: Play with the maximum number of coins per line.

Rook's Revenge Reviews from our community

jtamondong reviewed Yesterday

This is one of those games that has appropriate animations that I have seen. Reminds me of the first time I played the cascading icons in a brick and mortar casino. The concept is pretty much similar. winning lines explode and gets replaced by a new set from the top until no more lines make a winning pattern. It gives the idea that a spin gives a second chance of getting a much more better pattern and bigger payout. I have played this quite a dozen of times and usually dance along with the fat animated guy because of big wins. Out of 20 or less times I have played, I have made winnings of about 15 times.

From my experience, I spend around 10-15 euros at 0.01 per line before I get those big payouts. I know it is all about RNG but on average, that is what usually takes me before I get to the portion where you get to leave the machine/game.

Sound is pretty much ok considering it is an aztec themed machine. Animation is pretty much ok. Winnings are clearly stated and payout is decent. I would rate this over all at about 8 out of 10.

mpane80 reviewed 8 days ago

Hello to all the gamblers my next review will be for rooks revenge which is a bet soft slot 25 pay lines minimum bet 50 cants per spin,well i did not play this slot any more actually i have play it a very few times and has been rejected. for me is a waste of money and time and is a real boring slot i found it really slow and the noise is really annoying ,the graphics of the slot are ok and their is a Aztec man dancing and got me annoyed and make the slot more slow,the feature of the slot is if you hit 3 scatters at reel 1,2 and 3 you win 10 free spins,this slot is has rolling reels feature with multiplier 1,2.3 and 5 times each win during normal spins, during free spins the multiplier is 3,6,9 and 15 times each win ,well the pay outs in my opinion are really bad the winnings are really small except if you get really lucky. the few times i have played this slot i had really hard time to hit 3 scatters ,i found it much harder from a similar slot Gonzo guest and the minimum bet is really big in my opinion 50 cents per spin,well if you like the rolling reels feature play Gonzo guest ,my biggest win i ever had during normal spins was around 10 times my bet and during free spins around 25 times my my bet i always played this slot at minimum which is 50 cents per spin,as you understand i do not recommend this slot except if you want to lose you money because probably you will,if i had to rate this slot i would have given it graphics 5,5 out of 10 ,features 6 out of 10 and pay outs 2 out of 10,good luck to all the gamblers with a lot of winnings ,review Arestis 80:)

cocopop3011 reviewed On 02/28/2014

Rooks Revenge...again this is another slot that has a huge Rival to compete with...if your not already familiar with its rival its called Gonzos Quest! But I'm only going to review Rooks Revenge today, and unfortunately for me it's going to be quite a glum review.

If someone asked me to rate Rooks Revenge on a scale of 10 I'm afraid my score would be a simple 5 out of 10...and I think I'm being generous there. To start off with the minimum coin denomination here is 0.02p...I have a whole lecture I could give (don't worry I won't) on slots that have this restriction but this is just another example of why I hate it. The minimum bet you can place is 50p a spin. The features involved within this slot are two - you have your normal set of Free Spins you would expect to find on any slot but you also have your rare slot feature here of 'Tumbling Reels'. For anyone who doesn't know what this means, it's simple..when you get a win the winning symbols explode bringing in new symbols which bring in potential new wins every time, whilst only paying for the one 50p spin. As an added bonus every time you do get a win and new symbols appear to give you another win you also get a bigger multiplier! Thus giving endless opportunities for wins. The only problem with Rooks Revenge is...the winning symbols hardly ever appear.

Generally the only time I play Rooks Revenge is if I get free spins on it somewhere! Then if the free spins winnings have to be wagered on the same slot I'm forced to keep playing it. I have actually received loads of sets of free spins on it and can honestly say I think I have only ever got the free spins feature maybe two or three times. And it is for that reason why my review of it is not very good. When I'm being forced to play a slot at a 0.02p coin denomination I at least expect to be getting something back for this which I feel Rooks Revenge does not give. I usually find myself laughing more at the dancing guy at the bottom of your screen with his awesome dandy moves rather than watching my actual spins!

Sometimes I even dance along with him for fun!

valentin68 reviewed On 02/24/2014

Still being under the very nice impression left by the slot "Greedy Goblins" I have chosen a second slot on the BetSoft platform which at first I thought will have the same quality as the first, namely "Rook 's Revenge". However it proved to be an extremely unfortunate choice. Rook 's Revenge is a 3D slot with 25 paylines, which could have been very good, but actually it is very bad. The slot presents itself in the form of different stones (Aztec masks) falling from above , and a winning combination makes the stones from the combination to explode, resulting in the fall of other stones from up above, in their place. What could have made this slot great is the presence of the multiplier which during normal spins, every time a winning combination happens, increases by one. So, for the first winning combination this multiplier is 1x, the appearance of a second winning combinations makes this multiplier be 2x , etc. Unfortunately, the existence of the multiplier contributes too little compared to the other bad parts of the game. First, the game losses are very high. After only 50 spins, I had 40 Euro less in my balance (playing at the minimum line bet of 2 cents). Secondly, the slot moves very, very slowly. A spin take a very long time indeed because of the unfortunate animation of the 3D character from the right side of the slot, representing Rooke (an extremely fat guy resembling a pig -excuse me the comparison- when dancing and doing different jumps) . In an entire hour I did not managed to play more than 50, maybe 70 spins. Probably because of the clunky animation there is no AutoSpin button in this slot.
Third this slot is bad because the "Wild" symbols and those triggering the Free Spins round are very, very rare. During the time I have played they have not appeared simultaneously together, in the game . More than one "Wild " or "Free Spins" symbol once every 5-7 spins you will meet here . And in addition to this, there is no "Bonus Game" offered here. I left this game feeling bad because I have not got to play the Free Spins round, not even once. From how slowly the game was playing it probably took hours to wait for it.

Adebisi213 reviewed On 01/26/2014

I played Rook's Revenge for the very first time at 7Red Casino a while back. This is an online slot produced by software provider Betsoft. I really like a lot of games from Betsoft, since they tend to be innovative, have incredible graphics, 3D animations and lovely themes like Slotfather for instance. However, Rook's Revenge is one of those slots I could not get used to, and for very good reason which I'll explain in this review.

Rook's Revenge has 25 paylines, 5 reels and 3 rows on each one of them. The game's concept differs from the average slot layout. This game makes use of free falls, and the winning combinations crumble when you won something. Another few blocks replace the crumbled blocks, which gives you another chance to win.

Basically these are free spins, and can be seen as an extension of your playtime. There is also a multiplier that changes from 1x to 2x, 3x and 5x eventually when receiving wins in succession.

But hold up, isn't there a slot that is already very popular using the same concept? THAT'S RIGHT! Net Entertainment's Gonzo's Quest is basically the same slot with 20 paylines instead. This is something that really bothers me as a slots player. I mean how could they make it so OBVIOUS that they are cloning a slot when making this game?

I like originality and Betsoft totally failed here in my opinion. The same story goes for their game called Gemscapades (Starburst clone). Even the wilds on reels 2, 3, 4 and scatters on reels 1, 2, 3 appear on the same spots.

I figure it's only possible to really enjoy this game if you have never heard or played Gonzo's Quest before. I did have a couple of nice wins though with this game, hitting 80x bet size during free spins session and some smaller wins during base game. However, I did lose it all eventually.

Final rating for Betsoft's Rook's Revenge is 5/10.

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