Magic Show

By B3W Group Casinos

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Get in touch with your mystical side in Magic Show. This skill-based three-reel slot gives you the chance to pick your own win potential with each spin. Play for free right now on our website. If you're interested in real money play, sign up at any reputable B3W Group casino.

When the game first loads, choose how you want to bet. If you're playing for real money, you'll be asked to pick a coin denomination beforehand. Press Bet 1, Bet 2, Bet 3, Bet 4, or Bet 5 to select the number of lines you want to wager on. After making your selection, you will automatically spin.

Upon spinning, the bottom line will be the only one that animates. Select which symbols you would like to hold for the re-spin, if any, and then press Respin. All lines will be filled with the held symbols, and all spaces will be spun again. Afterwards, any paying lines will be credited to your bankroll. Click Same Bet to play at the same wager if you would like. With wild Magic Show symbols, your potential for huge payouts is great.

Game Play

Bet 1/Bet 2/Bet 3/Bet 4/Bet 5: Choose the number of lines to wager on.
Hold: Hold this symbol for all lines in the corresponding reel.
Respin: Respin all non-held symbols for all lines.
Same Bet: Make the same size wager as the previous round.

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