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Awena reviewed 12 days ago

I always liked Marvel comics and lately Marvel movies so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw marvel slots in some casinos. I tried a few games like Iron man, Thor and Avengers (following the movies I watched) and finally got to Fantastic Four. It’s a nice 5 reel 20 payline slot. The graphic and the music of the game are very good and the main symbols are the characters from the movie. Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, Human Torch and Invisible Woman. My favorite character from the movies is The thing but here it’s the lowest payer, then comes Human Torch, Invisible Woman and Mr. fantastic. This game doesn’t have a classic bonus feature. The wild symbol is the number 4 Logo and the scater symbol is the Earth Globe.3 or more scater symbols triggers the free spins feature. I have to say that this has become my favorite game whenever I play in some casino that has Marvel slots just for its free spins feature. The free spins by itself don’t offer any multiplier so you can’t have any big wins just from them but whenever a symbol of any of the Fantastic Four appears on the third reel covering the entire surface you get some extra feature and more free spins. This is what I like most and that’s what makes this game very interesting. If you get The Thing it becomes a wild symbol and you get 3 extra spins. It remains wild during those extra spins and you can easily win 5 of a kind. The human torch gives you 4 extra spins ant it stays on the first reel so you can also win 5 of a kind. Next the Invisible woman can give you up to 4 times multiplier and 4 free spins so you can have a pretty decent win here. And finally Mr. Fantastic becomes wild substituting all other symbols and also 4 free spins. I have had some incredible wins here from the free spins feature going up to 300$ when I was lucky enough to get it on a 1$ or more bet. I would rate this game a perfect 10 out of 10

sencize reviewed 17 days ago

In my gambling history Fantastic four is one of the unluckiest slots i ever played.I love the theme like most of the marvel slots and graphics are amazing too but all i won so far playing it is not even close to amounts i lost mainly by bad strtegy.Off course it is not all about profits but it would be nice if this slot gave back some money it took from me so far.The slot has many versions of which i only played standard 20 lines version found in most of the playtech casinos.The slot has a fantastic four symbol which is a wild and substitutes for all symbols except the planet earth scatter.Three or more scatters trigger 12 free spins.Now comes the interesting part of fantastic four slot i yet need to discover more.Simply because i won this free games only few times and did not won much playing them but i hear stories of people wining serious money on them.The fact that angers me a lot is that i am always close to trigger free spins with only third earth missing but as soon as the remaining reels sped up i know i did not get it.That is why i developed my own strategy which seems to be wrong and i don't use it anymore.In desperate attempts to trigger me some free spins i hit start and immediately stop button it worked one time and i won free spins with human torch bonus with about 50 dollars profit but it was gone in minutes because my method eats balance very quickly.The human torch is awesome feature which adds four extra spins and substitutes all characters with human torch while reel 1 is whole wild. It is just very sad i had my bet per spin only 0,40 dollars.This being said i am changing my playing strategy in future and i will continue to play fantastic four until i win some money i invested.For the end my three grades payouts i give 7/10 next is fun i had on fantastic four and i rate it 8/10 and the last win bigg with small bets i rate 10/10

zbjeles reviewed 18 days ago

My next review is for Playtech slot game Fantastic Four . As a huge fan of Playtech Marvel Jackpot , Fantastic Four slot game is better than any other Playtech Marvel slot game and I completely agree with Icemod when he said in his review that Fantastic Four is really fantastic !!! I had some really big wins in the free spins feature. I had few big wins while playing Marvel based Playtech slots , but not as big as this one where I had few wins over 500 x bet .
About the game: It is 5 reel with 20 paylines slot game , recently they launched a new version of this game with 50 paylines, but I mostly play the older version. I had few spins on the 50 payline version and it seems like nothing has been changed except paylines of course . Besides standard poker symbols ( 10 , J , Q , K and A ) there are symbols with 4 marvel super heroes and the wild symbol . This slot game hasn't got a classic bonus round but there is a ' free spins ' round where you can make some great wins . You get free spins if you collect three or more Earth symbols. If some of the super heroes during the time of the spin covers the entire reel 3 then you get 3 or 4 free spins. In other words, in theory you may get 48 free spins. Also in this slot game you have a chance to win one of the Marvel Progressive Jackpots ,such as the Power , Extra Power , Super Power or Ultimate Power Jackpots . Unfortunately, I have never won some of this progressive jackpots.
Overall :
It is one of my favorite platech slots and one of the very first choice when I play in some of the playtech casinos ,and I give 10 out of 10 for this game .

aemakgol reviewed 22 days ago

Good day to all members. I hope you will enjoy my review of fantastic four online video slot. This is playtech video slot, and i am glad that i finally review their games, after microgaming and net entertainment. Playtech is not so popular this days as this two gigant of the gambling industry, but defo it is also has some fans, and i am also never miss opportunity to play some playtech games, because most of them interesting and nice!
Fantastic four slot is based on fantastic four movie i believe, or comics, i am not sure about this, bust most likely movie, because i watch it and there is pretty same characters and pictures. This is what i can say about theme of the slot, sounds and graphic of course not high end , but they cute and have some charm, so i am always happy to play this game.
Fantastic four have 20 lines to deal with, but on playtech you can found also 50 lines version of this slot, but as i heard 50 lines had lower RTP ( return to player) so i suggest to you stick with this 20 lines slot. It has 4 different marvel jackpots, and this is cool, because this jackpots triggered by random, but for all my playing i never trigger jackpot bonus game and did not win even lowest jackpot, but i know people who won third from high jackpot, so i believe it is possible to win this jackpot, just need some luck. Also this slot has freeespins feature, which can be triggered by getting at least 3 scatters. If you hit it, you awarded 12 freespins, and on it you can get one of 4 features, even there is a chance to get all 4 in the same freespins, one after one. I will not describe them, because you just should try it yourself.
I like this slot and will play it more.

szirtisas reviewed On 02/25/2014

The fantastic four video slot is another playtech game what was created after a successful movie. Like many other famous playtech video slot that game has an 50 lines version too but the original has 20 lines. From the marvel hero jackpot video slot this one has the best free spins feature. I started to play with this video slot for a long time ago but after some big loses I decided to leave it for a while. I deposited more times to get welcome bonuses but many times the marvel hero jackpots are dig my deposits grave. I usually played on 0.6 euro stakes because every time I believed in the free spins. I can tell you those free spins are one of the best what I saw on a playtech casino but to get more free games and nice profit you have to be really lucky. Even I played on the 20 lines version only it can be really valuable sometimes but most of my tries is took money from me. When you triggers the three of the earth symbols you can start the free spins. It gives 12 free games but you can collect more and more free spins when you triggers a hero from the fantastic four members what is covers the full middle reel. Depending on the super hero you can get different amount of free games. The best bonus in the free spins is the Mr. Fantastic bonus. In that feature all the Mr. Fantastic symbols turns into an expanding wild so with that feature you can get much money but it only gives 4 extra free spins. The another free spin booster is the human torch bonus, the first reel is turned to a static wild and stay until you have free spins, this feature removes the other heroes from the reels but with that many human torch symbol you can win bigger prizes. The only negative thing here is the free spins without the super heroes.

Adebisi213 reviewed On 02/11/2014

The Marvel slots from Playtech simply are one of the greatest games ever made by this software provider. Each game is so different from each other, yet very entertaining and plenty of opportunities to win huge prizes. Well, that's exactly what happened to me while playing the Fantastic Four game at EuroGrand Casino a long time ago.

As a kid I couldn't get enough from the Fantastic Four cartoons, and what better way is there to re-live those great times by playing this amazing slot? Just like many other Marvel games this slot has four random jackpots attached to it. Nonetheless I never been lucky at any Marvel slot to trigger even the lowest jackpot.

That doesn't mean you can't win huge while playing this game. Fantastic Four has 20 paylines and 5 reels. 20 cents is the minimum bet, but I remember playing this game for 3 euro per spin which is huge now I think of it. Certainly above my avg. bet per spin these days. Anyway this slot features all characters from the Fantastic Four, but the way they present them with animated figures and lots of action makes this game a must-play for everyone.

The "4" symbol is the wild in this game, while the earth symbol forms the scatter. During base game I never got too luck by winning only approx. 50x bet size on average. However, this slot offers so much potential during free spins mode. You have to get 3 scatters first though before 12 free spins become available to you.

And that's exactly when the fun starts, because playing this game during free spins mode means entertainment from the highest degree.
Every time one of the main characters drops and covers the whole 3rd reel you can earn additional free spins, and or multipliers. It's a bit hard to explain each feature, but I don't think I've seen anything like this before at all. So basically it often means you get 20 free spins in total, at least for me it did. I was lucky enough to have a huge hit of 500x bet size during one session winning 1500 euros.

But the max potential is way higher especially when u get 4 or more wilds dropping on a payline matched with a multiplier. I definitely recommend Fantastic Four.

9/10 Rating!

Afi4wins reviewed On 02/10/2014

Hi everyone! The fabulous four finally makes a debut on Playtech screens some years ago, joining the other Marvel group of games, and featuring of course, the ever-popular Marvel Jackpots. But unlike the likes of the Iron Man series, The Avengers, Thor and such, Fantastic Four comes on screen as as animated cartoon version, with simpler graphics and much less megabytes-guzzling scenes. Having played Fantastic Four over some time, I got the feeling that this game came from the same hands that designed the game Daredevil, or perhaps it came from the same group of game developers. What were lacking in the game Daredevil has been repeated to a certain extent in Fantastic Four too, which to me, brings down this game's level of entertainment and game play. Nonetheless, players should be able to enjoy playing Fantastic Four despite missing out on some of the better perks.

As usual, it is a 20-paylines 5-reels slot game themed on the Marvel cartoon heroes The Fantastic Four. Each member of the team has a symbol of themselves on the higher end of the paytable, The Thing ranking the lowest, followed by Human Torch, Invisible Woman and on top of the list, the elastic man Mr Fantastic himself. 5-of-a-kind for each starts at 750x line bet, 1000x line bet, 1500x line bet and 2000x line bet. The wild symbol is represented by Fantastic Four's Insignia (a circled 4), which substitutes all other symbols, except the Earth Globe, wherever possible to give wins. 5 of these wilds on any payline pays 10,000x the line bet. Thankfully, this maximum payout remains the same here, unlike in the game Daredevil. The scatter symbol is an Earth Globe, paying out the usual 5x the total bet for 3 scatters, and up to 200x the total bet for 5-of-a-kind. 2 scatters, sadly enough, do not pay anything whilst the 200x total bet for 5 wilds is on the low side. This is a pity because 2 globes can appear quite frequently in the main game as well as in the free spins game, but players do not get anything out of them like they should and usually do in other similar games.

3 or more scatters anywhere on the reels trigger the Fantastic Four Feature game, whereby 12 free spins are awarded but WITHOUT any win multiplier (geeees!), but a special extra 4 free spins for each member of the team can be triggered within the free spins game itself. This extra feature is without doubt the saving grace for this Fantastic Four game, without which it would have suffered the same fate as Daredevil. During the free spins, everytime a Fantastic Four member appears fully stacked on reel 3 (covering the entire reel), its corresponding extra 4 free spins game is triggered. Each member's extra 4 spins play and pay differently. The Thing becomes a frozen wild, Human Torch becomes expanded on the 1st reel, Invisible Woman increases the win multiplier with every appearance, whilst Mr Fantastic becomes expanded wild at every appearance, substituting symbols for wins, except for the wild and scatter symbols. All extra features disappears after each of the 4 extra spins have been used, reverting back to the normal free spins feature. Without going into too much elaboration, these extra 4 spins feature games are interesting in their own rights, but all payouts lack any punch without having any win multiplier, except for the Invisible Woman's 4 free spins, resulting in not-so-great wins generally.

To me, Fantastic Four is a rather disappointing game, especially in its payouts, which should and could have so much more punches within the four of them. Considering everything that this game is lacking, as mentioned, I would even rate the game Blade as being much better than Fantastic Four. Nonetheless, it is a nice attempt by yet another Marvel Heroes group, but just couldn't meet all expectations from it. Better luck next time Fantastic Four, if a sequel is coming at all.


Icymod reviewed On 01/29/2014

Fantastic Four is really fantastic! It's a Playtech slot consisting of 20 Paylines with one feature to make a difference! In the main game I would bet on 4 coins to a slightly large 6 coins! It's a bit pricey but it can prove to be triumphant in winnings. Just as I mentioned the feature makes a difference with it's 12 Free Spins. Now I would recommend a lower amount of bets as I see sometimes this feature doesn't trigger often as it should. Inside the free spins after landing 3 scattered earth symbols anywhere I would expect a lot coming from the 3rd reel, together as winnings and more importantly the stacked heroes (three identical hero symbols of any of the four)...needed to trigger one of their corresponding features. Mr Fantastic's feature is the most I find in my free spins but the least I find to pay out in as he doesn't show often on a reel, to have himself stretch to become an expanding wild. The most to expect out of all the 4 features would be the Human Torches feature and the Invisible Woman's feature. They are often the best and most paying!! For 4 spins extra for either feature (Human Torch or Invisible Woman), The Human torch grants replicated symbols with an expanding symbol of himself in the first reel to have a chance to win 5 of a kind Human Torches. This allows a great deal of chance to hit many large wins! So be sure that you get lucky as this feature only lasts for 4 spins (per landing HT stacks on 3rd reel inside the 12 free spins). Invisible Woman on the other hand has medium sized winnings to expect. By finding winning combinations AND most importantly her own symbol, she will increase the multiplier by one for an invisible woman visible on the reels. Too bad she can't increase the multiplier PER symbol that I find of her, that would be incredible!!!! Lastly the feature to not expect the most would be the Thing's feature. 3 spins is granted in this feature where every time the thing appears on the reels his symbol will "freeze" (held) for the remainder of the free spins. Think of the Super Mode feature of Tomb Raider II, one free spin less & more chances of leaving a lot of held wilds! Ultimately the best slot that can be a great asset to my balances! And for my winnings, I got over $100+ from the Human Torch feature. It's just that good!!! A fantastic 10 out of 10 for this slot!

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