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Video poker is an online casino game that involves forming hands of cards and ranking them according to conventional poker rules. Most games use a similar play structure that involves three major steps: dealing, discarding, and drawing. Typically video poker games use five-card hands throughout an entire game (the only notable exception being Pick 'Em Poker).

Today video poker makes up one of the three biggest types of online gaming. Gamblers can play free online video poker at no risk on many gaming sites, as well as play a multitude of video poker games for real money at the vast majority of online casinos.

Video Poker Pays

Video poker games all follow a similar set of rules. The object of each game is to score as high of a ranking hand as possible while taking into account the likelihood of getting each rank. This is the case whether it's real-money or free video poker. Each game's paytable states the value of getting each type of hand on a for-one basis, meaning that a player does not get his or her initial bet back in addition to the listed prize.

When someone begins a game of real or free online video poker, he or she must first determine how much his or her bet should be. In the vast majority of online casinos, players can set both a coin denomination and coin amount, with the maximum number of coins typically being 5. In most variants, an added bonus is given to the top payout if 5 coins are played. Statistically, playing maximum bet in most video poker games will render better odds in the long run.

How Video Poker Games Work

The game begins when a player pushes the “Deal”, “Start”, or “Play” button. In virtually every video poker game, he or she will then be dealt 5 cards from a deck of cards. This deck will vary by the variant, but it is always based on the standard 52-card French deck. Free video poker and real-money video poker are the same in this regard.

The player must then select which cards he or she wants to keep, if any. This decision is what gives video poker its fantastic odds when compared to most casino games, but only if proper strategy is used. Because the strategies for video poker games are complex, many players actually experience odds that are much worse than those of slots or other, less favorable casino games. With resources like free video poker games to practice, however, players as a whole are experiencing better returns.

Once a player chooses which cards to hold, he or she can press the “Draw” or “Discard” button to proceed. Real and free online video poker games differ on where they place this button; most real casinos will place it on a touchscreen, while free video poker games will often use a more classic interface. These cards will be thrown out of the deck and become ineligible for the re-draw. Cards will be drawn from the remaining virtual deck to fill in the gaps in a player's hand. The hand is then scored by the system and, if it ranks, paid out according to the paytable.

Double-Up in Video Poker: Free Odds

More and more video poker games are offering a double-up feature at the end of any winning hand; this “gamble” feature is even available at many free video poker sites. It varies, but typically it is a fair odds card game. The two most popular types involve drawing a card that is higher than another, or guessing whether the next card will be black or red. In both cases, the house edge is exactly 0%, making it one of the best bets in the casino.

Because of the high risk associated with doubling up regularly, however, many video poker players choose not to use it. Although its odds are better than those of base video poker games, the chance of busting out increases significantly with regular use of double-up. It is this reason that has led to its increased use in online casinos. Though double-up does not increase the overall return for video poker, it does tend to increase overall deposits.