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Specialty games are games of chance that do not fit into the three main categories of slots, table games, or video pokers. Because of this, specialty casino games vary greatly, but there are certain specialty games that are fairly common. Among the most popular categories are keno, scratch cards, and parlor games, although some others exist.

Keno Specialty Games

The most commonly found of specialty games is keno. This is one of the simplest and high-variance games available at online casinos, allowing players to win big amounts of cash for very small bets. The game combines the elements of bingo and the lottery, offering simple rules and a fast pace.

In keno, players purchase tickets to enter into a drawing. The tickets are filled with the numbers 1-80. Players can typically choose between 1-15 numbers. Each number of “spots” has its own paytable which will vary among a casino's variants, as well as from casino to casino. To speed up the game, some casinos offer quick pick options for players who are not keen on choosing their own lucky numbers.

When the game of keno begins, 20 numbered balls are selected at random from the 80-ball hopper. The object for a player is to get as many of his or her spots to be drawn. Although it may appear simple, the odds of getting a big payout on keno can actually be astronomical. To assist keno players, many online casino portals with a specialty casino games section will often post the best odds for each keno game available.

Scratch Card Specialty Games

Another highly popular form of casino specialty games are scratch cards. These are based on the scratch tickets offered by many government lotteries. However, since the games are offered online, casinos have much more flexibility with them.

Of all the specialty casino games, scratch cards are likely the most diverse. In fact, some casino platforms make scratch cards their priority. Scratch games are defined by their fixed odds, which can be found in each game's paytable. A player begins by choosing how much they would like to pay for the ticket, then they draw one at random. There are a fixed (although very large) number of tickets, each one having its own combination of symbols.

After the ticket is drawn, players must scratch off sections of the card to reveal various symbols. This is where games are most varied. The majority of scratch games use a 3x3 grid, where the object is to get 3 matching symbols. Each symbol combination will have its own prize, with each combination becoming increasingly rare as the prize for it goes up. Some others will use only one winning symbol with a prize revealed at the end, and a few use a completely unique layout.

Parlor Games

The final major category of specialty games are parlor games. These are based on classic games that have been adapted into an online casino environment. As such, the term “parlor games” is broad. The most popular form is a heads-or-tails type of game, where players make a simple prediction and are paid based on fixed, commissioned odds.

Parlor games also include adaptations of skill games. Sudoku, mahjong, and various other Asian games are popular examples. It is important to note that these games are completely based on luck; in fact, the only way in which they are different from scratch card specialty games is that they don't use the scratch-off symbol format.

Parlor games also include the increasingly popular horse racing games. Some software providers, such as NetEnt, have made these games with a particularly high quality. Although they are based completely on luck, they offer players significantly more options than other specialty casino games. The casino will randomly generate the odds for each horse and weight each one's chance of winning accordingly. Players may then make bets however they want and watch the virtual race.