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hajnrih 1285 reviews
Cubis is a very innovative video slot game from Amaya Gaming. This is a three dimensional game with a changing background. At first it is a bit confusing and it seems like a very complex slot but it turns out that it is not. For instance the changing background, I did not see the option that I can lock the background so when it changed I thought that I have triggered some kind of a bonus.

In the Cubis slot you need to make vertical or horizontal lines of at least four. If you manage to form a line of four cubes or more, then those lines will disappear and new cubes take their place and that way creating more winning possibilities. This new cubes can also create more new lines so it is kind of like you are getting a free spins after every win.

This game is also powered with some random bonus symbols too. There are 4 and they are as it follows Wild Dice Multiplier, Line Bomb, Square bomb and Nuclear bomb.

My favourite is the one that appears the most like in any other game of course. In this case it was the Wild Dice Multiplier. So basically the wild dice appears on the reels and on each side there is a random multiplier. If the multiplier is a part of a winning combination then it will take effect. The Line Bomb is also a feature that appears from time to time. This means that it will explode in four directions and it will destroy all cubes.

The best of all is the Nuclear Bomb of course. I still have not seen this bonus in practice. This bomb destroys all the cubes on the board.

The Cubis is a really nice video slot game that is way different from what I am used to playing. I like to play it from time to time and I would recommend it to anyone.
gordontan 70 reviews
The Cubis slot game is a slot game of original puzzle and I can see it is just like the Bejeweled, the Cubis slot game uses almost everything that the original did. It turns the slot machine design into an isometric game which makes you feel better.This Cubis has multiple reels and the game will align the paylines to better accommodate the new structure. I feel good of this Cubis because it can go either way with its scheme and it is perfect for Cubis fans and for newcomers who want an isometric spin on the ordinary slot game.Furthermore, you can also do a spin and cubes drop on the cubes already stacked. If after one or two spins no winning combo has been made, the cubes disappear a new set appear. This is very different from other slot games.When comes to the betting part ,it can go up to $20 and you can select the number of pay lines so whether you want to risk it all or save it all, I believe you will be like me as well, enjoy making big wins or big losses for the game.Thus, it is highly recommended for the Cubis players who know their way around the game very well as well as you need to have strong fund management to minimize your chance of losing big money.

The wild symbol for this game is the grey cube. The grey cube substitutes for any coloured cube to make a winning combo and can be used as a multiplier. I am quite happy if a grey cubes comes in for the well as other good cubes to help you out is the bomb cube. There are three types of them and if a few of them drop in, you can enjoy your ability to get massive wins when it blows up. Then if you are a winnings collector, this will be your key to victory by depending on which bomb cube you get, they can blow up on different directions because bomb cube can blow up in a line, another can blow up at least 25 cubes on where it lands and the last one blows up the entire board. However, I think this game has confused you guys in many ways because it is formed on the basic of complex puzzle game and it might take you some time to understand it. What I think is that it should be ok because you can make use of your free time wisely if you have nothing else meaningful to do, Cubis could be your choice of game. If you still don’t understand, it might be helpful for you to check out the rules on how to play this game as you guys might possibly get confused on how to proceed with so many cubes going down and down, you can see the type of cubes that will net you more winnings and you can see what the special cubes can do for you.

As a conclusion, I think Cubis slot game is not only a game for normal enjoyment, it not merely about luck but more importantly it is also training your ability to solve complex question because you need to figure out the best possible cube to be removed and it requires your critical thinking as well.

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