CasinoRank: The Smart Way to Play

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AskGamblers CasinoRank: The Smart Way to Play

Wouldn't it be great to have a list of online casinos ranked by just the facts? To be able to see, in real-time, how other gamblers feel about every online casino? To make a truly informed decision about where to play? We understand, and therefore we decided to act on it. We are proud to present CasinoRank, a casino rating mechanism unlike anything you've seen before. 

What Is CasinoRank?

CasinoRank is a dynamic online casino rating system that uses only real facts and players' experiences. It is the first in the industry to use objective data and current player feedback and calculate a list using its own power.

CasinoRank uses a powerful algorithm to determine which sites are the best. And when we say powerful, we mean it. This is the first ranking system that actually takes three separate lists and combines them into one, easy-to-use interface. With CasinoRank, players can get updated information about the casino itself, the experiences of other players at the casino, and the quality of their customer care, all streamlined into one location.

How Does CasinoRank Work?

As mentioned previously, CasinoRank relies purely on its algorithm to determine how to rank casinos. This algorithm uses certain parameters to make these calculations. Among the most important in CasinoRank's decision include volume of player complaints and how quickly they are resolved, availability of support, and the helpfulness of the casino's representative. Other factors include whether the casino offers a Flash version, number of deposit methods, and international accessibility, among many others.

Although CasinoRank is able to do all of this on its own, plenty of human effort goes into the project every month to provide players with the best results. As you may know, we are one of the few sites that can actually get direct feedback from players through our casino complaints system. In order for CasinoRank to be completely accurate, we stay involved in the process and spend many hours resolving disputes. Only after carefully evaluating each situation do we send it through the CasinoRank algorithm.

In order to deliver the most accurate results, CasinoRank assigns different levels of importance to all of these factors. For instance, an English-only casino that pays quickly will rank much more highly than a non-paying casino with 10 different languages. Simply put, CasinoRank works because it thinks like a real player.

Every Casino Is Different

We automatically list all fraudulent casinos on the very bottom in their own section. The rest of the casinos listed by CasinoRank do not have rogue status. It's important to remember that casinos that score lower on the list are still trustworthy; they simply may not offer as many features or qualities that some of the higher-ranking sites have.

How Often Is CasinoRank Updated?

In the fast-paced industry of online gaming, staying current is of the utmost importance. Our goal is to keep CasinoRank in sync with the latest developments at every online casino, as well as player feedback and complaints. As such, the algorithm will run and re-evaluate the list about once every month.

Feel free to check our online casinos list sorted by CasinoRank!

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Commented on Friday 2. October 2015
Golden Lady Casino is to be avoided. They owed me 275.00 since March. I finally closed the account. They won't answer emails, calls or chat. On the rare occasion that you do talk to someone, they pretend they don't know English. They take your money with no problem, but after that they are unavailable.

They are liars, cheats and thieves. Nothing professional about this casino at all. I finally closed my account and let them keep their 275.00 they stole.