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8.4 / 10

Based on Casino Facts (7.8) and Players Complaints (10.0)

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Review updated 2 days ago.
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Vegas Country Casino Bonuses
$100 1st Deposit Bonus Vegas Country Casino Bonus code not required
Wager: 30x
$145 2nd Deposit Bonus Vegas Country Casino Bonus code not required
Wager: 30x

Vegas Country Casino Reviews from our community

gordontan reviewed On 03/16/2014

Hello everyone, i had been very long time not visiting online casino games, this would be the first one after one year. Firstly, i would like to say that Vegas country Casino gonna to be an interesting site to try your luck because I have earned some pocket money after playing their blackjack, probably i should say that i was quite lucky since i had been long time not playing any casino game.The $10 no deposit bonus given by Vegas Country Casino was really a good opening for me.
Vegas Country offered me a wagering requirements fixed at 50x with all games included. all games included means all the table games and slot games ,this would be not so easy for me to wage the 10 dollar no deposit bonus. All i needed to do is to wage 500 dollar which is the 50 times of 10 dollar bonus given to me. One thing for sure was that i need to maintain my balance of 10 dollar then only i can continue wage 500 dollar for fulfilling the wagering requirement. Blackjack is one of my preferred games and i definitely choose blackjack to wage my 10 dollar bonus.Normally I would have used the smallest bet which is 1 dollar to observe the trend of the game so that i can have an edge on how to maximize my profit in the first few rounds, let say if i can get 21 points and above 18 for the consecutive 5 rounds, this is considered a good trend and i can get benefited if i continuously putting bet on it.It was not as easy as theory said. The first round I got only 17 but the banker had 20. The starting was not so good and i didnt give up on second round.Unbelievably, I won my first 3 hands in a row from second round onwards,i got two times 20 points and one time 19 points,bankers didnt have sufficient point thus they drew cards and eventually got boomed,haha. I would say I was lucky because gambling is not only about theory based but most of the time we need luck.We dont really now when our luck will come and what if luck doesnt come to us,gambling just can be a leisure activity and I should be not getting obsessive in it .

After 4 rounds ( first round lose,2nd to 4th rounds win),I changed the bet to 2 dollar per hand. I was winning consecutively since the first losing hand,hahaha. Anyway, I consistently aware there might be a turnaround in trend. What I had predicted was true, I got very bad card afterward. At the moment, I have around 26 dollar from the original 10 dollar bonus, I still have a lot of wagering need to be done.Then ,I just kept waiting my good trend to come again. Accumulating 26 dollars was not an easy mission if you only had 10 dollars, you need good luck to make it sustainable.I had been using 1 dollar to wait the good trend to come balance of 26 dollars had hovered in the range of 20 dollar for quite long time,it was about 40 minutes, up and down. I just aimed to finish the wagering.

Although I only had a few hand of blackjack which made me double gain, but i didnt really aim to earn big ,I just wanted to make my wagering done as quick as possible.I just tried my best to maintain my balance so that i can fulfill the wagering requirement.My first day of returning to online casino was really an unforgettable day. It was like the return of the king.Although I only managed to make around 35 dollar after finishing the wagering of 500 dollar based on my 10 dollar bonus, but the long gone experience of playing online casino had been recalled, it was worthy for me to recall what i have learnt all these time in playing blackjack games.Overall I should say that the Vegas Country Casino blackjack game is quite fair, I recommend other joiners can get it a try.

Basically, Vegas Country restriction on giving payout is not really much. My payment was made very quick ,it took around 3 days.Giving payout is one of the most important thing for an online casino because its credibility is proven. I believe most of the players and joiners wish to enjoy their time and make their earning from a reliable banker. This is wat Vegas Country can make so far .

aemakgol reviewed On 02/27/2014

Good day to all members. Vegas country casino is another one microgaming powered casino from casino rewards group, and of course with such great number of casinos, many of them will be very similar to each other. Vegas country casino is very same like vegas 7 casino, and they giving out the same welcome offer - 100 % bonus on first deposit, and 50 % bonus on second deposit. Of course as for bonus lover like me, such things only big + in this world, so with happy feelings i join vegas country casino and make my first deposit of 100$ ( its big amount i know, but it is gives me 200$ to play with, and i believe with such deposit you can wait a lot of fun).
I decide to start from supe it up video slot at 1$ bets, yeah, usually i bet higher with such balance, but this time i decide to be a bit tighter and try to withdraw something. I like supe it up slot , because in freespins it has amazing x 5 multiplier + 3 scatters gives you even 25 freespins. Of course with such good freegames you should know that base game is a bit boring, and rarely will pay nice. With 1$ bets i am down to 100$ without hitting feature, and then i start thinking, continue play this slot, or just left. I made bad decision - i start playing at 2$ in a hope that feature should come soon. Of course it is do not come, and i get busted. After it, in a bit of tilt, i made another 50$ deposit without a bonus and go to blackjack table, make 50$ bet and won, then made 100$ bet and won!! After it with 200$ balance i should withdraw... But i made two more bets at 100$ and both times dealer gets BJ... Painful, but nothing to do. Shit happens.

mpane80 reviewed On 10/29/2013

Hello to all the gamblers ,Vegas country casino is a microgaming casino that belongs to the rewards group of casinos which i had some issues before lol.,anyways i decided to deposit 30 euros but i didnt take any bonus because previous i abuse their bonuses lol,they give some offer and if you take them after you abuse their bonuses i will never understand that,so why they give them?but is not all bad if you dont take any bonus the good is that if you win you can withdrawal with out worrying for the wagering.The first slot i try was tally ho a 9 line slot if you hit 3 scatters or more you win 10 free spins multiple 4 times each win ,the slot didnt really go very well and actually i was started to get a little bit angry and frustrated because i could not hit the 3 scatters it came a lot of times 2 but never 3 and it was annoying.i was left with 18 euros to my account and this time i try an old love of mine hit man ,hit man is a 15 line slot with multiple bonuses ,first you can win 18 free spins multiple 2 times each win second their is a bonus round if you hit 3 scatters in rill 3,4,5 also if you hit 3 scatters in rill 1,2,3 you win a price .the wild appear in rill 2,3,4 if it appears the whole rill becomes wild so imagine if you have wild at rill 2.3.4 that will give you a lot of profits.i was betting only 15 cents per spin but i wasnt very lucky at that slot either i was left with only 5 euros to my account and this time i change again slot i try another 9 line slot agent Jane blonde if you hit 3 scatters or more you win 15 free games multiple 3 times each win ,i lost the remaining of my balance their,well thats my story with this casino .i will propably try it another time to see how it will go.if i had to rate it i would have given it support 7/10 bonuses 6/10 and cash outs i dont know.Good luck to all the gamblers.Review Arestis 80:)

szirtisas reviewed On 06/29/2013

Hello here is my next review from Vegas country casino:
When I browse some gambling forum I listed their deposit bonuses by casino type, the result was nice because I found a lot of casino reward affiliated casino where I can deposit and enjoying al their welcome bonuses to take the chance for a huge win. And don’t forget they are the one of the most trustable affiliate brand on the casino software market.
I went to check them promotions before I registered to them, they offers a 100 percentages match bonus to my first deposit with the typical 30 times play through requirements.
I downloaded and installed the software, after I successfully registered to them I deposited the minimum 20 euro with neteller. Within a few minutes I get my bonus so I had 40 euro with 30 times wagering it means I had 1200 euro roll over before I was able to cash out.
I began to play with Alaskan fishing on 0.6 euro. First it seems I can won from it but the big win didn’t shown so after I reached the 15 euro I went to the mad hatters with the same bet. My second spin was the free spin feature I think I was chose the best bonus wild because I won 62 euro from the free games. I had about 70 but my wager was big, so I raised up the limit to 1.2 euro and started to pray to the luck. A few spins later I get the cuckoo feature but only I collected 6 euro from it.
After a half hour I was lost my whole money, so I didn’t able to cash out this time, but I deposited a few times to them ago. Once I can withdraw 130 euro from them, but maybe on my next deposit I can win some big.
Thank you!

Sup3rma17 reviewed On 06/22/2013

Vegas Country casino...hmmm Las Vegas Nevada? Haven't been there but sure would want to pack my bags if I had the opportunity. Vegas Country is much of a normal casino that was adopted by Casino Rewards a few years later or to say it now, the "present". If I am not mistaken by the terms Vegas Country once had 50 times in wagers for the welcome bonus when it was single. I was not too keen on taking it before but now that Casino Rewards has welcomed Vegas Country and changing the wagering requirements down to 30 times I took it. I also wagered it nice and slowly with my $30 deposit just to get ahead of things. When I took my time I began to make careful choices on the bets I would make and the slots that helped keep my balance in check during my wagers. Slots like Prime property for $0.80 was helping me for a short while then when two features surrendered to my triggering bets I won $56.18 for 28 Free spins at 4x and a large $78.15 for my 30 Free spins at 5x! I am seeing a very good start so I constantly made $0.80 bets on Prime property for an hour then I moved on to Boogie Monsters for the same bet on this 40 paylines slot, kudos to the fat bat bonus & the music in the normal game but I liked the free spins more because it paid just as good as the bonus itself with 5 times my winnings for 13 free spins! 7 more games completed the tracks to help me smash down the playthrough...proceeding to roll out the red carpet for the withdrawal and walked on it. The long wagers made me play a long 7 days interrupted because I had events and parties to go to. This became a side quest. Cashing out $421.19 was just worth seeing and it made taking the bonus with me the right choice! Folks, if you take bonuses with your large deposits then you will need to extract more wagers just to make ends meet. It will be very hard to complete I assure you! It is recommended to use only your deposit if you want the cash to follow you! Now if it's a large deposit then on it's own is better than matching it with the percentages! Small deposits like $20 are better matched or unmatched. The big decision lays silent in your hands to make! A little slow with pushing through my cashout but all in all Vegas Country can get a nice 7.1 out of 10! The 9 days of waiting (including the 2 holding days) in getting my check was all the issues I experienced here on Vegas Country!

goldenmember reviewed On 06/01/2013

Another casino that I tried playing was Vegas Country casino. It has the usual selection of microgaming games – so its worth trying out if you like their games. They have a slightly smaller selection than the big MG type casinos, so you might actually ask – whats the good of it. Well, they selection is still close to 500 games so there is plenty to choose from. You also get the chance to play for some pretty big jackpots. They give a $245 bonus deal for signing up – these bonus wager requirements are average, but I did not go for them. They also offer you a deposit bonus if you add for the second time as well. I went in with a $20 deposit just aiming to go for blackjack games. I did take a quick look at the slots, and they have some interesting new games for those who want to play. There is Sterling Silver 3D as well as Mega Moolah. These games are worth playing if you like slots, but I had my target set. I put my money into the bonus blackjack games. I tried out their multihand bonus blackjack game. You can play more than one hand at a time in this game and this can help you have a better hold of what cards the dealer has. Unfortuantely I did not bankroll enough money to make anything of this and I eventually ended up losing much of my money before I could take advantage. This might have just been a bad run of luck but it certainly put me off playing or putting anymore money in. All in all I would say that the casino is pretty good, and it was probably my bad selection of games that took me anywhere. However I would rate the casino as average only at 7/10.

cristinaxx reviewed On 05/31/2013

Hello everyone! I do not know if you read my last reviews, but this is the second month I have decided to try one casino each day.
Well, today on my list of casinos I stumbled upon this casino: Vegas Country Casino. I never heard of it but thought it was worth a shot. Plus, it has a grade of 7.4 on, which is not good, but not the worst either.
The casino’s games are powered by Microgaming, which is my favourite, for various reasons that I do not think need to be explained, since everyone that has little experience with casinos know what i am talking about.
The casino’s website is fine, nothing to complain about, but nothing to compliment either. I like the fact that the website is very helpful and you can not find info fast. The casino can be played only by downloading the casino’s software.The online version, is anyway, in my opinion not very helpful, since it is not very comfortable and I always find myself having issues when playing this way.
There are 2 bonuses: one for the first deposit and one for the second one. The first deposit gives a maximum of 100 euros, while the second one gives 145 euros max. The wagering requirements are in both cases 30x, which is fine. However, the bonuses are quite small. Why would you choose a casino that gives only 100 euros for your first deposit, when there are so many other casinos that offer more?
I deposited 25 euros, the minimum i think. I got my 25 euros and started playing my usuals slots when playing at a Microgaming casino: Isis, Avalon etc...
I lost all my money eventually 
The conclusion is that this casino is not really the best online casino, you can find some other casinos better than this one.
My ratings are as follows:
Software: 9/10 Microgaming
Bonuses 5/10
Cashouts: ?

Mahamedau reviewed On 03/31/2013

Hello. Again casino rewards... I deposit to vegas country 60$ with their 100% welcome bonus. Register and download was simple and easy, no any problems. Bonus was credited automatically, and that what you should wait when playing casino rewards - no problems. I start with 1.20$ bets at hellboy slot, i like it because in freespins it has sticky wilds, i get bonus game and can reach the end of it and shoot at crystal, total bonus pay me 150 x my bet, and with 215 or 220 on my balance i switch to another slot that i like - silver fang. I like this slot because it has stacked wilds, and nice freespins round. I play it at 2$ bet, but soon my balance drop to 100$ and i decided to try jackpot moolah, because i like african theme and also i like that i have a chance to win a biiiiiiig jackpot and became rich guy. Unfortunately jackpot do not want to come in this day, but i get freespins two times, and this i keep my balance on 100$ mark. After it i try medusa slot, that was probably first time when i play this slot, and it do not make me richer, and with 70$ left i switch to dolphin coast with 0.5 bets, there i upped to 100$, and my wager was clear. But i still want to gamble, so i decided to play scratch cards, lol it was stupid, never play scratch cards, i do not know who win there :D I left only 50, and open european roullete table and made bet 25$ on red, and 25$ bet on odd. Of course i lost all in one spin and this was the end of my money. Actually, i am think i should never play table games because i am became idiot and start betting high because want to big win. So better play slots, it much more interesting and fun, for me at least.
So, here is my marks for vegas country casino:
Software: 9/10
Cashout: did not made
Bonuses: 8/10
Total: 8.5/10 this is my average mark for all casino rewards group, you can trust them and play there.

Icymod reviewed On 02/28/2013

Just before Vegas Country became a part of the big Casino Rewards group it was it's own independent casino running for the people and attracting players that love games of chance. When I first came to Vegas Country I got a $10 no deposit bonus which I will explain how I ended up making a very nice $160. During the time I played on Vegas Country they had wagering requirements fixed at 50x with all games included. This was a plus for me but also a downer because of the 50x wagering requirements. Of course with that in mind I needed to make my balance as big as possible by playing on table games. Most of the $10 was used in Blackjack to increase my balance as quickly as possible. I started making $1 bets to see what kind of results I could get. I won my first 3 hands in a row, lost 2 rounds, won, lost, then I changed the bet to $3 a hand. I was winning like crazy at almost every hand in groups of 3 - 5 hands kept me on a winning streak! I kept changing my bets accordingly so long as the wins kept on coming. Under a hour of Blackjack while hitting automatic Blackjack wins I came to have $60 to play with. With the bonus in need of some more playthrough I decided to open some well known video slots to get rid of the wagering. It was long until the bonus dropped it's guard and fell on the floor as if the bonus doesn't have any more energy to pursue my cash balance. Even with 50x when I am on a lucky streak it makes winning and cashing out so much easier. This is what I usually look forward to most of the time. As I got rid of the wagering curse I chatted on support asked what I needed to make a withdrawal and they provided me information as well as an email stating the required documents for a successful cashout. Once the process was done easy come easy go for the cashout of $160. I have to admit that playthrough was too easy but maybe it was my lucky day or my stragedy worked. An 8 out of 10 for Vegas Country!

ValDes reviewed On 05/07/2012

Vegas Country casino was one of the fastest stop and go points of my journey, dedicated to the aim of joining and tasting all the member casinos of the famous Casino Rewards group! At that time I was waiting for the arrival of one my biggest withdrawals – 5000$ from Rich Reels casino! So I was rather confident and didn’t waste much time in thinking about strategies or calculation – all I wanted then was to play! And to play at high bets! Obviously the greed was having a complete victory over the common sense those days and what was happening in my head can be described as a complete mess, dominant by scattered arrogant thoughts all over it! As I turn back to this, all that could be told for me as a gambler was a big “Stupid MF!”!!! Why? Because maybe it was just the right time when I had to say STOP for a while and look a little bit around! Maybe I was needed a short break just to realize that almost 6000$ (total winnings so far from the Casino Rewards casinos) is something serious, especially for an ordinary man like me with month income, which is far away from the average in the west part of Europe! But who was thinking about such things then!! I deposited 100$ and used their first welcome offer of 100% match bonus. Tried some slots setting the bet on 2.00 or 3.00 and of course soon my balance was just a pure zero. Decided to try again and deposited 300, so that I can get the max possible second welcome bonus – 50% match up to 145 credits and tried almost the same slots with the same bets! And the result was completely the same – nothing! I was rather disappointed because of losing 400$ in half an hour and did one of the most common gambler mistakes – I tried to turn back what was lost with another deposit! From my personal experience it is a pure mistake, because I have lost in more than 75% of the cases! So was that one! I deposited 600, relying on the fact that bigger number of credits will let me play longer at higher bets, but I was wrong and after just a couple of hours all that I get was a thousand dollars loss! The only positive news was that after that stupid affair I took a short vocation of gambling and I have never deposited again in Vegas Country casino. I do not blame for anything because it is obvious that the fault is all mine – I am the one who decided to play at high bets, hoping for bigger wins, and I took all the consequences!
So, to summarize I will use some simple rating scores:
Support: 8/10
Software: 10/10
Security: 8/10
Finance: 6/10
Bonuses: 7/10
Terms&Conditions: 8/10

Overall: Good and safe online casino!

Well that is it from me now:). Thanks to for giving me the opportunity to share my story! And always remember: “You can not break the casino bank, but it is worth trying!

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Casino Review

Vegas Country Casino is an online casino that puts the extravagance of Sin City in the heart of the countryside. Its games, powered by Microgaming, are unparalleled in diversity. Since the casino is a part of the massive Casino Rewards group, it is backed by experienced industry professionals. They are licensed in the jurisdiction of Kahnawake. Unfortunately they cannot currently accept US players.


Slot junkies can have a new experience with each spin at Vegas Country Casino. Their most popular section, the video slots, contains games that are pleasing to the eye and the bankroll, regardless of your preferred bet denomination. Among the most popular games include Lord of the Rings, Isis, and Mega Moolah. Various three-reel slots and British pub-style AWP games are also available.

If you like table games, Vegas Country Casino will almost certainly give you the thrill you're seeking. Players looking for traditional games like blackjack or roulette will find numerous variants, each with their own unique spin. In addition, players can enjoy other games like baccarat, sic bo, craps, and 3 Card Rummy.

Vegas Country Casino tops off their game library with video poker. It should come as no surprise that Microgaming, a leading online casino software provider, has one of the most diverse set of video poker games around. Players can pick from three denomonations: single-hand, multi-hand Power Poker, and multiplier-based Level Up Poker. Each of these denominations comes with a number of different variants, some of which you may have not seen before.


If you've gambled online before, you know that getting your questions answered quickly and correctly is vital. Vegas Country Casino's support makes this a guarantee. Their live chat service is in operation 24/7, and most players are able to get in touch with a representative in a matter of seconds. Vegas Country Casino also offers various toll-free telephone numbers and a dedicated email address.

Security and Fairness

Vegas Country Casino knows that the Internet can be a dangerous place. To ensure that their players are not at risk when playing at the casino, they have installed 128-bit SSL encryption into their network. This technology makes it impossible for strangers to hijack your information. Additionally, anything sent to Vegas Country Casino for registration, banking, or verification is kept in a firewall-secured server.

To ensure that players know their games are fair, Vegas Country Casino has hired third-party auditors at eCogra to test the randomness of their games. Their monthly reports can be seen by clicking the eCogra Safe & Fair link at the bottom of the casino page. The report will not only verify that the games are fair, but also provide the payout percentages for each type of game for the previous month.


  • Huge library of Microgaming games
  • 24/7 support through live chat, email, and toll-free phone
  • 128-bit SSL encryption and firewall protection
  • Certified fair by eCogra


  • No US players accepted
  • Withdrawals subject to 48-hour pending period


Official Website:

Languages: English, Italian

Deposit Methods: Abaqoos, Bank Wire Transfer, CLICK2PAY, ClickandBuy, eChecks, EcoPayz, eKonto, Entropay, EPS, Euteller, ewire, EZIPay, GiroPay, instaDebit, Instant Banking Casinos, Kalibra Card, Maestro, MasterCard,, Multibanko, Neosurf, Neteller, Nordea, PayPal, Paysafe Card, POLi, Postepay, Przelewy24, Skrill, Swedbank, Ticket Premium, Trustly, u net, Ukash, UseMyFunds, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron

Exclusive Payment Partner:

Currencies: Canadian Dollars, Euros, UK Pounds, US Dollars

Restricted Countries: Angola, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Benin, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Comoros, Congo, Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Micronesia, Federated States of, France, Guinea, Hong Kong, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, Malawi, Mauritania, Maldives, Mayotte, Myanmar, Nauru, Niger, Niue, Norfolk Island, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Spain, South Africa, Syrian Arab Republic, Tajikistan, Uganda, United States, Western Sahara, Dominica, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Palau, Pitcairn Islands, Korea, Democratic People's Republic of

Software: Microgaming

Return to Player: 102.44%

Established: 2001

License: Kahnawake

Casino Type: Download & Instant Play

Cashout Info (New)

Withdrawal Methods: CLICK2PAY, ClickandBuy, Direct Bank Transfer Casinos, eChecks, Entropay, EZIPay, Kalibra Card, Maestro, Neteller, PayPal, Postepay, Skrill, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron

Withdrawal Limits: 4000 USD per week for players who win a sum that is 5 times or more greater than their total purchases

Withdrawal Timeframes: E-wallets - 1-2 days;Credit/Debit cards - 2-5 days;Bank transfers - 3-7 days;Cheques - 14-28 days

Pending Time: 48 hours

Allow Manual Flushing: No

Contact Vegas Country Casino

Owner: Casino Reward Group

Email: Support

Live Chat Support: Yes

Canada Toll Free: 1 866 312 7466
Denmark Toll Free: +8088 45 74
Germany Toll Free: 0800 182 0567
Italy Toll Free: 800 871 068
Other Countries Toll Free: 1 888 942 7466
UK Toll Free: 0800 917 1545

Affiliate Program: Rewards Affiliates

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